120° In Palm Springs, 118° Phoenix, 107° Houston, 105° Salt Lake

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A sprawling, powerful upper level ridge centred over the Desert Southwest continues to intensify and therefore temperatures this afternoon are hotter than they were yesterday and by tomorrow, they’ll be even hotter than today.

The below AccuWeather graphic shows the setup well.

Source: AccuWeather

Source: AccuWeather

Despite the core of the ridge position being well to the west, Houston, TX has witnessed it’s hottest June day on record with temperatures of at least 107° thanks to a dry northerly flow and large-scale sinking.

San Antonio reached 108°, making it their hottest June day on record too.

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Below are the forecasted peak temperatures through Monday according to AccuWeather.

Source: AccuWeather

Source: AccuWeather

According to the NWS, Phoenix has reached at least 118 and with at least another 2 hours of warming left, we could see 120 before the afternoon is done. In Las Vegas the temperature has at least topped out at 114 but is likely to climb towards 116 if not 117.

Even up in Salt Lake, yesterday saw the high reach 105 which became the warmest temperature ever record in June and even tied to all-time record high. This afternoon has once again made it to 105. Will be interesting to see if that’s the high for the day or not.

It’s apparently topped at least 120 in Palm Springs. As for Death Valley today will likely top out at around 128 and tonight it may not get below 100. With the help of all the concrete and asphalt of Phoenix and Vegas, overnight temperatures may hold in the mid-90s.

The major heat will also spread north into the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. The below AccuWeather graphic shows just how hot it may get.

Source: AccuWeather

Source: AccuWeather

Meanwhile, 90s are even making it up into the Northwest Territories at the moment.

Will have more tomorrow, including a look at the month of July!

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