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Could Alaskan Volcanic Eruptions Have Impact On Next Winter?

It’s long been known than an increase in high latitude volcanic activity has been linked to an increase in winter blocking and colder winters in the mid-latitude world. We saw an increase in volcanic activity prior to the bitter cold winter of 2009-10 which shivered much of the Northern world including the United States and Great Britain. We are currently and have for […]

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Upcoming Hot Shot For France, Low Countries, Germany & Briefly SE England Was Seen 6 Days Ago!

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The week ahead looks rather different to this past week with a lot of heat spreading north into Europe from Africa. While it looks highly likely we’ll see the first 37C (100F) readings over parts of France and Germany, there’s a lot of uncertainty over exactly how far west that Saharan heat will spread due to the position and […]

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West Coast Turns Active, Cool With Heat Focused Over Plains

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In last night’s post I made mention of the lack of real summer heat over Northeast in the coming 10 days while tonight I look at the West Coast where it appears a more active period is evolving. That means the core of the heat gets shifted east over the Plains through next week. While there’s wet and windy weather set to push into the Pacific Northwest, a […]

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