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A stunning weekend is on offer right across Scotland thanks to high pressure parked overhead. Clear skies tonight will allow a decent cool down in rural areas with a risk of mist and fog reforming. Lows of 2-5C, towns and cities stay mild at 8-11C.

Saturday should be a near repeat of today. Low cloud which may have spread into eastern areas overnight should burn back to the coast through the morning as the sun heats the land. Expect abundant, warm sunshine once again for the majority with highs widely of 19-22, locally 23C. Only a slight risk of high elevation showers and thunderstorms as the atmosphere should be ‘capped’.

Both Sunday and Monday should follow in today and tomorrow’s foot steps as there is little change with the upper level high’s position and strength. More warmth and more BBQ opportunity all the way to Monday with highs of 19-23C.

Change comes Tuesday!


It’s another glorious summer’s day for the majority of England with highs in the 21-23C range, although there is slight changes with more instability over the South thanks to a frontal system over France. This is sparking heavy thunderstorms over parts of the Southwest, possibly into the Southeast too. Elsewhere it’s all about the warm sunshine. Cooler, breezy along North Sea coasts and also breezy in the far South too.

Clear and mild in the towns and cities tonight, lows of 9-12C, cooler with a risk of mist and fog in rural areas, lows of 3-7C. Low cloud will likely spread into eastern coastal areas once again as the land cools, drawing that marine air inland.

It’s another excellent day for the great outdoors on Saturday with plenty more warm sunshine on offer. A slight trim on temperatures across the South thanks to a fresher ENE breeze but still warm with 20C in London, head further west with less influence from the breeze and you warm to between 21-23C in Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester up to Carlisle.

Both Sunday and Monday should be a near repeat in both sunshine as well as temperatures, always that bit breezier in the South thanks to the core of high pressure centred up over Scotland.

Change comes Tuesday!


Warm and sunny has been the theme throughout this week and the good news is that will be the theme throughout this weekend also. Glorious sunshine today with the warmest temperatures of the year so far. Porthmadog has topped at least 24C this afternoon. Widely 21-22C.

Through tonight and it’s another perfect one for the BBQ, not cooling much until 8pm onwards. After dark it will cool, especially in rural areas with lows down near 4-5C by dawn tomorrow. Mist and fog should redevelop overnight too. Towns and cities stay relatively mild.

Saturday is looking, fine, dry, warm but slightly breezier and likely a fraction cooler than today thanks to that breeze but still, plenty of strong sunshine and highs widely reaching 19-21C.

Both Sunday and Monday will be warm, sunny and dry, highs of 18-21C. Always coolest, breezier along the coast.

Change comes Tuesday!

Northern Ireland

It’s been another fantastic day right across Northern Ireland with highs widely climbing into the low 20s. Through tonight and it cools down but not before you get a chance to enjoy a BBQ with your family or friends as it doesn’t really cool until sundown and that’s not till after 9pm. Lows widely 4-6C in rural areas, nearer 8-10C in the towns and cities.

Saturday will be a near repeat with wall to wall sunshine with the only change being a cloudier start in the East which makes way for a freshening easterly breeze. However, sunshine will prevail for all. Warmest temperatures tomorrow will be in the West. Highs widely 20-23C.

Both Sunday and Monday will be warm, sunny with a breeze in the South, highs of 19-22C.


After a warm, cloudless day right across the Emerald Isle, the weekend will present more sunshine and continued warmth.

Through tonight and beneath clear skies, temperatures cool in rural areas towards 4-6C, always a few degrees warmer in the towns and cities. Watch out for dense mist and fog also.

Saturday and Sunday is looking perfect with wall to wall sunshine and highs into the low 20s across the board. A little cooler along the East and South coast with a breeze, warmest conditions will be found in the Midlands and inland West. Could see 24 or 25C locally.

Monday will see increasing cloud late in the day across the West thanks to the approach of a weather front, a front that will bring the eventual breakdown by Tuesday morning. Highs Monday again rise towards 21C in eastern areas, cooler in the West.

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