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An area of high pressure and warm air aloft has produced a very pleasant day with skies brightening through the afternoon across particularly western areas. Showers however have been around even in the west but these have been few and far between. In the sunshine it’s feeling warm at 18-20C. The highest temperature in all of the UK today appears to have been Glasgow with 21.3C.

Through tonight and we see a band of patchy rain push into the Northwest, this marks change on the way. For Central and Southern parts, it should be mainly clear and not cold with lows of 8-12C.

Friday will be much cooler, cloudier with patchy rain advancing south across all areas. Highs of 12-17C.


It’s been a mixed bag of weather today across England with dull, damp and cool conditions along the North Sea Coast, sunny in the far West and Southwest and it’s here we’ve seen highs of 17 or 18C. Sharp showers have plagued the heart of England down into Oxfordshire.

Through tonight and it’s a mix of cloud and clear spells, misty and murky with little wind. Lows no cooler than 8C, some may hold up at around 12C.

Friday is a better day with more in the way o0f sunshine, less cloud and shower activity and although still grey, cloudy and cooler along the North Sea Coast, it’s a little better than today. Warming nicely over the Midlands with highs reaching 21 or 22C.


Today has been a decent sort of day although there has been some cloud and showers around but in the sun we saw a high reach 19C at St Athan this afternoon.

Tonight will see those showers die away with clear skies developing. Lows dip no lower than 9-11C in the town centres, perhaps a cooler 6C in the countryside where mist and fog may form in the calm air.

Friday is looking like another pleasant day, perhaps more in the way of sunshine, especially in the South, always a little cooler and cloudier in the North. Highs could top 21C tomorrow in Cardiff, nearer 16C along the North and West coast.

Northern Ireland

It’s been another lovely day across the bulk of Northern Ireland with cloud lingering along the North Coast. Highs have likely topped near 20C like we saw yesterday thanks to the wall to wall sunshine for many.

Through tonight and cloud increases from the NW and this will bring cloudcover to all by Friday and perhaps some light and patchy rain. Lows dip no lower than 8C.

Friday starts off dull and for some, damo but I am optimistic that we should see afternoon clearing, turning somewhat brighter but those temperatures will be well down on today and yesterday’s values at just 13-16C.


It’s been another stunning day of unbroken sunshine and summerlike warmth. Highs likely approached, perhaps exceeded 21C this afternoon over the East. Through tonight and it’s clear for most although cloud and some light rain may push into the West Coast. Lows dip no lower than 6 or 7C, perhaps holding nearer 10-12C in Dublin.

Friday will be cooler and cloudier with light and patchy rain in the West and North but staying mainly sunny across the South and East. Highs should warm nicely once again in that sun towards 20, perhaps 21C again but much cooler in the cloud, only 15 or 16C.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I’m in the east of Ireland and it was an amazing day! Clear skies and temp hit 21c. Shame it was a working day. Hope it lasts.

    Thanks for great forecasts Mark.

  2. julie says:

    Not very warm in South west Ireland Mark Id say more like 12 degrees and really windy,mind you my greenhouse was really hot!!!

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