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After a pleasant weekend, conditions went downhill overnight all thanks to a deep low sweeping a cold front in from the Atlantic. This has brought a largely wet and blustery day with cooler temperatures. Through this evening it should brighten, providing late day sunshine in the west but the rain settles over eastern areas tonight.

So, dry but the breeze remains in the west, wetter in the east overnight. Lows no lower than 7-8C.

Tuesday looks to be a day of sunshine and showers in the wake of the front but in any sunshine it should feel pleasant. The showers may linger over any given area for an hour or two, so for some, while it’s sunny, it may be fairly damp for a while elsewhere. Winds shall be lighter than today, allowing for those longer spells of sun or rain. Highs 12-15C.

Wednesday looks damp in the east but sunnier and warmer in the west


It’s been a great bank holiday weekend right across England and for the bulk of the country today it has been pretty good as well though there are changes coming for the sunny East. It’s been a soggy, blustery Monday for western areas with some heavy pulses pushing into the Southwest as well as up through the west Midlands and into Cumbria. The frontal system is slow moving so through tonight it is slow to head east with little relief from the rain overnight anywhere from Devon to Cumbria. Lows of 7 to 12C.

Tuesday will see the heaviest of the rain down the spine of the country with south-central areas up through the Midlands witnessing a very wet, dreary day. Highs not much higher than the overnight lows. Where brightness appears, it should reach 15 or 16C but nearer 11 or 12C in the rain.

Wednesday looks damp in the east but sunnier and warmer in the west


Following a splendid weekend of warm sunshine, it’s all about the wind and heavy, persistent rain of today. That rain will remain heavy and persistent through much of this evening, only eventually clearing in the west overnight. Not a cold night ahead with lows only dipping to between 8-10C.

Tuesday will be a dry and brighter day in the west with some showers but the isn’t far enough east, where the rain continues over the eastern side of the country. Highs shall be dissapointing at just 10-13C.

A better day is ahead Wednesday with temperatures on the rise.

Northern Ireland

It was a plesant weekend with sunshine and fairly warm temperatures but through the overnight an Atlantic front crept in from the west bringing a soaking. This rain band cleared through this morning allowing for a day of sunshine and heavy showers through this afternoon but it’s cooler than recent days at just 11-13C.

Through tonight and it’s a mostly cloudy one but dry with showers easing after dark. With all the cloud, temperatures will hold up at 7 or 8C.

Tuesday is looking largely fine and dry with decent spells of sun with some showers developing through the day. Highs are cool at 11-13C, much like today.

Wednesday looks better with mostly sunny skies, little in the way of rain and warmer temperatures.


Following the heavy rain overnight, today has been an improving picture although heavy, even thundery showers have popped up through this afternoon, driven in by a westerly wind on the backsid of the front. Tonight will see things settle down after dark. Remaining cloudy but mainly dry. Lows dip no lower than 7C.

Much like today, it’s a sunshine and shower regime through Tuesday with a fresh westerly breeze which should help those showers move along. Temperatures remain dissaponting at just 11-14C.

Wednesday looks more settled, sunnier and slightly warmer.

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