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Source: AccuWeather Pro

Source: AccuWeather Pro


It’s been another rather decent day over central and southern parts of the country with plenty of sunshine. Generally north of the southern Highlands and it’s a duller, more showery affair, so not as pleasant here and for all, winds are picking up and if exposed to that wind, it’s rather cold feeling. Out of the wind and you feel the warmth of the late May sun.

Highs today are well down on recent days, particularly up over the Highlands where it’s struggling to hit 8C by day and snow is starting to fall above 2,500ft. In the sunnier south it’s closer to 11-13C but in the wind it feels closer to 7 or 8C.

Tonight will be similar to today with showers continuing to feed south over the Highlands on a strong and raw north wind, clearer but windy for central and southern areas. Lows will dip away tonight as air gets driven down from the arctic.

Lows range from 2-5C tonight with wind chills below freezing!

Thursday will be an unseasonably cold, blustery and showery affair across the country with gales in the North, windy everywhere. Snow levels may drop to 1,500ft. Highs for some may struggle to get much above 4 or 5C, for many, 9 to 10C but with the wind it will feel more like EARLY MARCH.


It’s a windy, cold but dry night ahead for much of England with showers feeding down the North Sea coast, perhaps spreading inland across Lincolnshire on into the Southeast including Greater London. Don’t be surprised to see sleet or wet snow mix with those showers tonight over the tops of the Pennines, North York Moors as temperatures tumble away to between 3-6C. The source region of this air is pure arctic with wind chills tonight near or slightly below freezing with that 10-20 mph north wind.

Thursday will be a sunshine and shower regime with a strong, gusty northerly wind. Showers will be frequent and within the heavier cells, may contain sleet even at low levels, snow may dust the tops of the Pennines where winds may be blowing at gale-force. Highs tomorrow will be very cold for this late stage in May with most towns and cities struggling to make double figures at 3pm. Some northern and eastern towns such as Newcastle and York, if skies remain fairly cloudy, may struggle to get much above 5 or 6C.


It’s been a fine, largely dry day across the country, albeit the cooldown has well and truely begun as NW winds are picking up and it’s feeling a lot cooler. However, in sheltered southern areas, you may have managed to get up to 16 or 17C this afternoon, so not too bad really.

Tonight will see winds continuing to pick up and temperatures fall. By first light early Thursday, lows will have dipped to between 3-6C widely, factor in the stinging wind and it feels nearer freezing, well below over higher ground where snow showers will have begun.

Thursday will be a day of sun and showers, windy for all and temperatures will resemble March, not late May with maximums of 6 to 10C, so a solid 6 or 7C drop from even today. Factor in the 10-25 mph NW wind and it feels closer to 2-4C all day, below below freezing over Snowdonia where it will be snowing. Heavy showers for all, some of which may contain sleet even to fairly low levels.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a largely fine, dry Wednesday across Ulster with plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed although feeling cooler in the strengthening NW wind. Highs today got up to around 11-14C, always that bit warmer over sheltered southern parts.

Through tonight and showers will begin to feed SSE over the country with the wind continuing to pick up. With the air coming down from the arctic, temperatures will fall widely to between 3-6C. Through the day Thursday and it won’t warm all that much within a blustery sunshine and shower regime. Those showers will be heavy, frequently and may fall as sleet or snow over the Spirrens. Expect highs no warmer than 10C pretty much anywhere but knock 3-5C off the air temperature when factoring in the NW wind.


The cooler air is now working south over the Republic as NW winds gradually pick up. This sets the scene across the country for the next few days. Through tonight and the NW breeze picks up and temperatures will begin to drop, especially over northern parts, it will take till later tomorrow for more southern areas to start feeling the chill. Lows by tomorrow morning will be down at 3 or 4C in the North and parts of the Midlands, nearer 8C in the South.

Thursday’s is looking showery with decent sunny spells to be enjoyed too. Highs will struggle to reach 10C across much of the North but it should hold up at 13 or 14C in the far South. The increasing NNW wind will make it feel quite cold.

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