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Talking Hurricanes: US Spring Pattern, Severe Season & Atlantic SST’s All Similar To ’04, ’05

The Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season begins June 1st and from what I am seeing in terms of the type of spring we’ve seen over North America and the sea surface temperatures over the Atlantic, there is reason to be concerned. The Gulf of Mexico is currently below normal while the tropical Atlantic from Leeward Islands to the Senegal […]

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Scotland It’s been a largely fine, dry and mostly sunny Friday across the bulk of the country except for the Northern Isles and NE corner of the mainland where it’s been cloudy, chilly with outbreaks of rain. A fine evening to come for western parts from Dumfries up to Glasgow and into the NW Highlands but further east the cloud […]

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Parts Of Spain Runs 10-14C Below Normal, Western Russia 10-12C Above!

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Today and through this weekend, we have a very upside down temperature pattern over Europe with cold air rushing south in the west while hot hot rushes north in the East. In between it’s a messy picture. One of the main drivers of this seesaw pattern is the large and complex low that is diving south from […]

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US Says Goodbye To Arctic Air, Hello To Severe Weather

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There is no real cold air now over the Lower 48 and doesn’t look like we’ll see it’s return until next autumn. That doesn’t mean to say we won’t see cool and below normal temperatures return, in fact modeling suggests more troughiness over the East in coming weeks but the air which comes down from Canada won’t be ARCTIC. The negative NAO supports more […]

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