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Rough Day Ahead For Southern Britain On Tuesday, Uncertainly Over The Weekend (Includes Video!)

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Well I guess I haven’t seen the threat of tomorrow’s big rains over Southern Britain until today due to the fact I wrote and released my initial thoughts on next winter last night. May seem strange to do so, so early, however I think it’s important to show you as a subscriber exactly what it is I’m looking […]

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Scotland It’s been a wild day right across the country, all thanks to a deep low to the north which has driven in very cold air in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere aloft. With strong surface warming within those sunny spells, the combination of the very cold air aloft, warming at the surface, enhances […]

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Just Another Week With Extreme Temperatures Across The United States

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The heat is on from Los Angeles all the way to Billings, Mont and Bismarck, ND as temperatures are set to soar into the 90s during Monday. It is this blast of heat surging north over the Western US which is tapping unseasonably cold arctic air over northern Canada and driving it south over the eastern half of the US, […]

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