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Courtesy of Mark Vogan

Courtesy of Mark Vogan


Following a dreary, damp first half to Monday in the west with brighter skies further east, it turns clear and settled through tonight across much of Scotland. Despite the clear skies, temperatures won’t drop much below 4-5C, nearer 7 or 8C in towns and cities thanks to a warmer air mass coming up from the south.

Tuesday is looking much brighter for much of the country with good spells of sunshine. With light SSW winds and sunshine along with warmer air aloft, expect temperatures tomorrow afternoon to widely reach 18-20C with Dumfries, Glasgow and Stirling pushing 21C. The Central Highlands and areas downwind of the Grampians may push 22C.

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It’s a fine end to a fine day for pretty much all of England with some spotty showers dotted here and there, produced by strong surface warming this afternoon. Those showers die out quickly once the sun sets. More in the way of mist and cloud along the coasts with a cooling onshore breeze, which also should ease down tonight. Clear skies for most tonight and where those skies are clear, mist and fog may form in some of the valleys tonight but it’s not a cold not by any means with lows of 7C in the North to 13C in the South.

Tuesday is looking like another warm and summer-like day with temperatures rising for most inland areas towards 20C with many Midland towns and cities pushing 21-22C and I hold to my long standing idea of a high of around 23, possibly 25C somewhere east of the Pennines or over East Anglia. Cloud will push up from the SW, covering the Southwest and parts of the South through the late afternoon.


It’s been a terrific day right across Wales and potentially the warmest of the year so far across particularly the Northeast where highs have pushed 20-21C this afternoon. Through tonight, cloud increases from the southwest and with that comes rain and showers. Lows tonight dip no lower than 7-10C.

Though warm again tomorrow, it’s a much more unsettled day Tuesday as a frontal system begins to slide in from the Irish Sea. Southerly winds turn strong through the day but with that direction, the air remains very mild and highs still manage to push 20C.

Northern Ireland

It’s been a showery but at times bright bank holiday across NI with relatively mild temperatures of 12-15C. Through tonight, those showers die out allwoing for clear skies and light winds but despite those conditions which typically favour cold and frost, it won’t be cold, only dipping to 5-7C thanks to warmer air advancing north. A front will enhance cloud and rain from west to east through Tuesday but where the sun stays out longest over the East from Portrush down through Belfast, temperatures should warm towards 18 possibly 20C with a freshening southerly wind.


After a fairly showery day across the Republuc, conditions become increasingly unsettled with heavy rain and strong southerly winds spreading up from the Celtic Sea. With all the wind, rain, cloud and southerly direction of wind, temperatures should remain very mild at 10-13C.

After a very unsettled and blustery start to Tuesday, conditions should gradually improve through the afternoon as the main rain band clears and showers develop along with breaks in the cloud. Highs should warm to between 12-15, locally 16 or 17C.

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