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Following a decent afternoon from the Central Lowlands on south, an area of rain with sleet and snow mixed in will advance south through this evening providing a damp, dreary night across much of the country with the exceptions of the East where it stays somewhat drier. Lows tonight will be much milder than last night where we saw -5C at Fort William.

With the rain, strong to gale-force winds can be expected along the coast and over higher ground. Lighter at lower levels and inland.

Through Friday it’s looking wet and breezy, initially in the North, West and South but the drier East turns wet through the day also with a good inch of rain possible over the Highlands and Southern Uplands. Highs tomorrow range from 5-6C in the North to a slightly milder 10-12C in the South.

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It’s a fine, dry and sunny end to the day across the bulk of England and with those sunny skies, the stars return after dark allowing temperatures to cool off quickly. While towns and cities hold up nicely at 4-6C, rural areas may fall away enough for a touch of grass frost overnight with lows dipping to 2-3, locally 0C. Cloud builds overnight across the North and West, so here it’s won’t be as cool.

Through Friday and a rain band nudges into Cumbria and Northumberland, bringing light and patchy rain southwards through the day. All in all, the majority of England is looking fine, dry and sunny with clouds filling in from Manchester south to Birmingham, through mid to late afternoon, London towards sunset. Highs range from 13C in Carlisle, 16C in Manchester to 18 or 19C in London.


It’s been a glorious Thursday right across Wales give or take the odd cloud popping up, highs widely warmed to between 13-16C. Through tonight and cloud encroaches from the Irish Sea and that means a milder night and cooler, duller Friday ahead with the odd light rain shower with mist and drizzle through the hills. Highs somewhat cooler than today at 10-14C.

Rain pushes in tomorrow night for a time before clearing.

Northern Ireland

After a mixed day of sun and cloud with little in the way of rain, tonight will see rain gather in the west and spread east, becoming heavy as it does so. Lows tonight should hold up well at between 7-9C.

Through Friday the rain becomes heavy from the morning rush on and it will be a pretty miserible day to be out and about with heavy and persistent rain for most. Clearing can be expected in the west first, then east later in the day. Highs will still be fairly mild despite the rain at 12-15C.


It’s been a wet and breezy day across the west while sunnier and warmer in the East but through tonight, the rain spreads east reaching all parts by dawn Friday. A mild night to come with lows no lower than 6-7C.

Friday is looking wet and windy for many but the rain is expected to clear western areas through the afternoon but in the east, it stays largely cloudy and damp.

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