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Image source: The Times

Image source: The Times


Today’s glorious sunshine will make way for a cloudier, wetter and windier night, starting off in the North and spreading south by dawn Wednesday. The worst of the wind and rain should be across the far North and Highlands with the rain becoming pathier as it pushes south towards the Central Lowlands, pepping up over the upslope areas of the South perhaps.

Lows tonight range from 3-5C in the Borders to 5-8C in the NW.

Wednesday should start off damp for most with rain clearing through the morning but persisting across the North and Northern Isles where winds will be gale-force from the west. By the afternoon, many parts of the country, except far north should be mostly sunny with fairly light winds. High warm nicely to similar values of today at 10-13C.

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It’s been a near perfect late April day across much of England with the exception of the odd pop up shower here and there. That sunny end to the day will make way for a clear night with light winds and that means chilly temps and a frost risk across parts of the Midlands down towards Oxfordshire where some may hit 0C. Most towns and cities hold up at 4-6C.

Tomorrow will start off cool and sunny but as the morning wears on a frontal system, weak in nature will drop south introducing cloud and some light and patchy rain through the Midlands and eventually into the South. Later in the afternoon, skies clear and turn sunny again in the North behind the front. Temps range Wednbesday from 12 in the North to perhaps 16-18C in the South.


It’s been a fine day right across Wales with just an odd pop up shower, mainly confined to the hills where the air rises, for most the sun and light winds have made it feel very pleasant to be out and about. Through tonight and beneath clear skies and light winds, expect a fairly widespread rural ground frost  with lows widely dipping to between 2 and 0C, held up at 2-3C in the towns and cities.

Wednesday will start off fine, dry and cool but as the day wears on, while it stays mainly sunny for much of the afternoon, skies will turn cloud with a risk of an odd light shower through the morning. This boundary swings south through Wednesday afternoon and so skies turn cloudy but it should stay largely dry for Cardiff and Swansea.

Northern Ireland

Tonight will see much of Northern Ireland turn cloudy with some light and patchy rain spreading into western parts early on but throughout the night, this patchy rain should spread across the country. Winds will also freshen across the north. Lows tonight will hold up compared to last night at 5-7C.

After a cloudy and perhaps damp start, Wednesday should be an improving picture with the afternoon turning somewhat brighter, allowing sunshine to reappear, mainly in the north towards Derry and Portrush while clouds linger through Armagh and down towards Newry. Highs should rise to between 10-12C.


Tonight will become increasingly cloudy from Donegal eventually all the way to Dublin thanks to a SE moving front. This front will increase the westerly breeze mainly in the North and West while light and patchy rain works SSE through the night. In the South, skies remain clearer for longer, so don’t be surprised to see a touch of frost developing before the clouds roll in. Lows tonight range from 5-7C in the North to near 0C in the rural South.

Wednesday will be a mainly cloudy day but there may be breaks in that cloud in the West and North by the afternoon. It stays cloudier in the South through much of the day. Highs range from 10-13C.

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