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Image source: Guardian

Image source: Guardian


After a rather wet start across the southern half of the country, this afternoon has seen some decent sunshine albeit a little cool in the breeze but out of that breeze and you can feel the warmth off the sun. Through tonight any showers die away and remain confined to the NW and clear skies for most mean a cold and possibly frosty start to Friday in some rural areas with lows down to 1-2C, -1 or -2C in the Highlands or Southern Uplands. Through Friday it’s very much a day of sunshine and showers with a brisk west breeze. Highs range from a cool 7 to 11C where sun is most prevalent and winds lightest. Snow is likely over the higher elevations.[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)]


Today was officially the warmest of 2013 with a high of 23C recorded at St James’s Park in London but the Southeast was very much the exception as a an approaching front not far north of London this afternoon, separates the warmth from cool and while the Southeast enjoyed summer warmth, it was a day of cool breezes and a mix of sun and showers for many across England with highs struggling in some northern parts to make 10C.

Into tonight and the frontal boundary pushes into London and the Southeast, wiping out the warmth and providing a thoroughly wet night. North of the front and it cooler and clearer with lows dipping to 3-4C, cooler in the countryside.

A different air mass greats much of Midland and Southern England Friday with clear skies and a distinct chill in the air. Though sunny with showers bubbling up through the afternoon, highs will struggle to between 8-10C widely with London perhaps only reaching 11C, that’s 11-12C down on today.

Snow in possible over the tops of the North Pennines.


It’s been a damp, breezy day across much of Wales but tonight will heralds change as rain peps up for a time along a front but this pushes south and east leaving behind much clearer skies and with cooler air aloft, surface temperatures dip away to near freezing by sunrise Friday over eastern parts. Lows tonight 1 to 6C.

Friday is looking like a much better day with plenty of sunshine on offer though showers develop and will get pushed in on a chilly NW breeze, some of these showers may be heavy, thundery with hail and gusty winds. Highs tomorrow 7-11C.

Northern Ireland

Following the sunshine and showers of today, conditions improve overnight tonight with clearer skies and if winds slacken enough, don’t be surprised to see a touch of frost in rural areas by morning. Lows widely 2 to 5C. Saturday is looking much like today with a mix of sun and showers. Winds will have a bite to them as they transport colder air down from the northwest. These showers may fall as sleet or snow over the highest mountains. Highs tomorrow will be a dissapointing 8 to 10C, feeling cooler in the breeze.


A colder feel today after some nice mild weather of late. Tonight will see any shower activity die away and with clearing skies tonight, expect rural temperatures to fall away towards 1-2C with a grass frost in places, closer to 5 or 6C in the towns and cities.

Saturday is looking largely fine with plenty of sunshine on offer though showers will develop through the day and in the NW breeze, it will feel rather chilly. Highs will range from 9-12C, considerably down from recent days.

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