UK & Ireland Hogmanay/New Year Forecast 2012

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New Year’s Eve starts off wet and windy and those winds are expected to increase during the morning and into early afternoon as a front pushes through. The rain should clear most areas by early and mid afternoon but despite brightening of the skies, heavy showers will rattle in on a stiff and cold west wind through the afternoon and into the evening.

As we progress through the evening and towards midnight, I expect most areas will see mainly clear skies but showers are likely to come and go. As temperatures fall towards 3-4C, those showers will fall as snow above 1,000ft but even at lower levels we may see a mix of rain, sleet and perhaps snow. Eastern areas including Edinburgh where the main street party is, I expect somewhat less frequency of showers. Temps at 5pm should be 4-6C, 9pm, 3-5C, 12am, 2-4C.



Heavy and frequent showers during late afternoon, should ease into the mid part of the evening but they may still push through later on into the evening with a chance of sleet, even wet snow mixing in. Temp drops to 5C by mid-evening, 3 or 4C by midnight. A chilly 10-15mph breeze from the west will make it feel more like freezing or below.


Heavy, perhaps frequent and blustery showers are likely to continue into the first part of the night but they should ease into the mid and later part. Temperatures will hold at 5C through early evening but may drop to 3C nearer to midnight. Showers may turn sleety with even a snow shower possible, if heavy enough. A stiff west breeze blowing at 10-15 mph will make it feel cold.

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It’s a wet and windy end to 2012 across England with a further 1-2 inches of rain possible over west facing slopes. Winds will be strong with gales along the coast and even fort inland parts of the west, gusts of 50 mph are likely in exposed western areas, 60 mph along the immediate coast.

The rain band clears west to east through the morning and by early evening most areas will be clear and dry with the exceptions of the East and Southeast. With clearing skies temperatures will drop off to 4-5C during the mid and later part of the night but a breeze will prevent a frost. The North will see showers through the evening but these should ease by 9-10pm. leaving most of the country dry to bring in the bells.

Unfortunately Greater London and the Southeast corner will see a wet evening but this rain should clear by midnight.



It’s a wet evening across London with a temp near 9C at around 5pm, falling to 5-6C by late evening and around midnight. The rain is expected to clear to the southeast of the city by 11pm.


A wet and blustery morning will give way to a dry and perhaps even a bright end to the afternoon. While winds slowly die down, it’s a largely fine, dry and fairly pleasant night for folks out and about across Manchester. There will be a chance of an odd shower. The temperature is expected to be at 6C by 5pm and around 4C by 11pm onwards. A west breeze at 5-10 mph will make it feel chilly.


Wet and windy day will make way for a cool, blustery and showery evening and final hours of 2012. Temperatures should be near 6C by 5pm, 4-5C by 11pm. An odd heavy shower is possible right up to midnight but for the most part it’s a drier end to a wet day.


A very wet and windy start to New Year’s Eve will make way for a drier but still blustery afternoon with showers following the main front. Through tomorrow evening, winds and showers largely die away making for a pleasant night to bring in 2013 across much of Wales. Coastal areas may continue to see an odd shower but it’s dry for much of inland Wales. Temperatures fall to between 3-5C by midnight.



After a wet and windy start to the day, the day and year will end on a pleasant note for Cardiff with little in the way of showers, temps will be comfortable at 5C around midnight.

Northern Ireland

New Year’s Eve will great Ulster on a wet and very windy note with strong to gale-force winds for many. We may even see severe gales batter the coast for a time. Following the main rain band which should exit the east coast by early afternoon will be heavy and blustery showers which will continue on into the evening. So a showery, blustery night to come if your out and about to bring in 2013, wrap up as winds will make the 4-5C temps fell nippy. Showers could fall as sleet or snow over the hills.



A showery and blustery night to come for Belfast, so have waterproofs and warm gear handy. Winds may be pretty strong through the evening and a mix of sleet and hail may fall in those quick-hitting showers. Temps at 5pm of around 5C, 4C by midnight.


New Year’s Eve is a largely decent day but wind will be the noteworthy feature as they will be strong out of the southwest. The wind will carry showers across the country from southwest to northeast but these should ease through the afternoon and early evening. Those winds should die down by mid-evening, allowing for a decent night to bring in the New Year. Temps drop to 6C for most at 5pm and 4C by midnight. Showers will be few and far between, winds breezy but much lighter than earlyier in the day.



It’s a largely fine and dry night for Dublin, albeit there will be a stiff breeze, especially nearer the water and this will make it feel cool. There is a small chance of an odd shower but this is less than 30%. Temp should be near 6C by 5pm and 4C by midnight.
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