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Further outbreaks of rain will continue to keep the flood risk in place but it’s the milder air combined with the rain which is melting the snow over parts of the Highlands and this is creating the greatest flood risk.

Through tonight and rain will be largely confined to the west but it’s the wind which becomes the main feature as southerly winds will pick up towards gale-force widely with a risk of storm-force winds for the Western and Northern Isles. Gusts as high as 80-90 mph out of the south can be expected on exposed coasts during the overnight and this creates a risk of structural damage, downed trees and power loss.

Saturday looks to be a blustery day with gales not nessesarily confined to coastal areas, heavy showers will follow another band of rain which sweeps in off the Atlantic overnight, turning somewhat brighter, less wet during the PM hours. The morning hours will be mild at 9-11C but it cools during the afternoon once the front slides east.

Sunday will see the arrival of yes, another system which could bring some snow and not just to high ground, this could arrive as early as Saturday night. Temperatures will be down on today and early Saturday at 5-7C.

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It’s a fairly dry evening to come for many parts with the expection of a few areas which will hold onto lingering rain dotted here and there. A southerly breeze along with cloudcover will keep temperatures from falling away. Lows will be no lower than 6-10C, very mild for late December. During the second half of the night the next front swings yet another arm of rain into the western side of England, this will make for another wet and windy start. This rain will spread east across the country during Saturday morning but for those in western areas, a clearer, drier afternoon is likely to follow with cooler air pushing in.

This heavy, erratic band of rain will be accompanied by strong southerly winds with gales along the coast. Saturday, like today will be mild with highs of 10-13C.

Sunday will be another wet one as another system arrives from the west. Turning cooler with highs for most, staying below 10C, snow is possible over the hills, even across parts of the South.


A rainy or showery day will turn into a very wet and increasingly windy night as the next system arrives from the southwest. As much as 1-3 inches of rain is expected over the next 12-18 hours and along with the heavy rain which is likely to further exasberate the flood problem, strong to gale-force sw winds winds will affect all but if your living along the immediate coast, severe gales are likely with gusts topping 60 mph.

Saturday will start off wet and windy but as the morning wears on, so the heaviest of the rains will push east with chillier air feeding on on the backside of the front. Highs tomorrow will reach 13C in the south but will drop off later on in the day. Heavy showers follow through the afternoon, easing by evening.

Sunday will see more rain spread in from the west, cooler at 5-7C.

Northern Ireland

A very wet and windy night for all areas, expect further localised flooding problems along with strong and gusty southerly winds. Gales will affect the Channel coast. Staying mild at 7-10C overnight.

A wet start to your Saturday will make way for a drier afternoon but it turns a lot cooler once the rain band exits east.

More rain pushes in for Sunday, highs down from today and tomorrow at 5-7C.


Gale-force southerly winds will batter much of Ireland overnight with severe-gale to storm-force conditions along some exposed coasts. As well as the wind, pulses of heavy, thundery rain will sweep in from the south and thanks to the southerly flow, temperatures will be very mild for the time of year at 9-12C.

Saturday should see improving conditions with AM heavy rains clearing, showers will following as by afternoon, those showers along with the strong winds, should ease down. Highs tomorrow will to topped early on as temperatures drop off during the day once the front clears.

Sunday will see the arrival of yet more rain and strong wind.

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