2-4″ Snow From DC to Boston Sat Night Into Sun, Arctic Air Follows

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The system which just barrelled through the Northeast, whitened most of the region but missed the I-95 corridor and the coastal areas. A new system now organising over the Mid-South will push northeast and is likely to fill in the areas the last system missed.

Most models have the storm tracking due NE and just south of the Major Cities which puts DC, Baltimore, Philly, NYC and Boston all in the snow tomorrow night into Sunday. While the storm is no major system, I expect at least a 2-4 inch swath right up through the urban corridor with perhaps 4-6, locally 8″ just west. Even coastal areas of Delaware and particularly Jersey up into Long Island and on up to Maine, should see snow with perhaps 1-2 inches. This system is likely to turn the entire Northeast white when combined with the previous storm.

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Here is the latest GFS snow forecast for the next 48 hours.

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Once the system clears out later Sunday, the first lobe of arctic air arrives and looks to make for the coldest morning yet on Monday with 20, perhaps upper teens for NYC and Philly, low 20s for DC and Baltimore while Boston could get down to near 10 degrees.

Here is expected lows Monday according to the GFS.

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Ridging currently building over western Canada is in fact forcing arctic air east and right across to where the fresh snowcover lies, so I expect some tremendous cold to set in next week. Monday will be the first of perhaps several cold dtarts next week.

While New Year’s Eve dawns coldest of the season over the East, New Year’s Day itself will see another system advance from the South up into the Northeast, this may bring an additional covering of snow to areas which get hit tomorrow night and with the cloud and snow flakes flying, it won’t be as cold of course.

Once the midweek system kicks out, another arctic high drops down from Ontario and it is this one which looks to mean business, presenting some serious cold all the way to DC. If models are correct, this will be the coldest air in two years with lows down near 0 in Boston, 10 in NYC and Philly, mid to low teens for Baltimore and DC.

Here’s the GFS forecasted lows for next Friday and Saturday mornings.


Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro


Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Parts of interior Pennsylvania is likely to hit -10, while upstate New York as well as parts of Vermont and New Hampshire will fall below -20. Saranac Lake, NY as well as such spots as Clayton Lake, ME could hit -30 with this type of air mass sliding over a widespread snowpack.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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