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While one system clears away, another quickly follows and just in time for the weekend. A fairly dry first half of the night but beyond midnight and into early Saturday, the next batch of very wet and windy weather advances north into Dumfries and Galloway. This organised and large area of heavy rain will envelop all parts by noon Saturday making for a dismal day if your out and about grabbing last minute Christmas gifts. Yellow warnings have been issued for Southern and Central parts but an Amber warning has been issued for parts of Fife, Angus, Tayside up into Aberdeenshire.

Snow will fall generally above the highest roads of Grampian but where it does fall, a southeasterly gale will make for dangerous blizzard conditions with significant windchills. Elsewhere, strong winds will impact all with gusts widely topping 30-45 mph, 80+mph over higher ground. Highs 3-7C.

Into Saturday evening and the rains continue off and on for many. Winds increase across the far North and especially for the Northern Isles with damaging wind gusts of 70-80 mph expected over Orkney and Shetland. Lows of 2-5C.

On Sunday, those winds remain at storm-force across the North Coast and Northern Isles, while it remains wet for most but there will be breaks in parts of the South and Central Lowlands as well as up into the Northeast, focus of heaviest and most prolonged rains turn to the Northwest Highlands. Highs 8-12C.

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Hope you enjoyed the somewhat drier day across England today because the next arm of heavy rain will swing northeast across the country overnight, making way for a very wet and windy day Saturday. Not good news if your heading out Christmas shopping that’s for sure.

So, by midnight we should see the leading edge of the rain spread into the Southwest, advancing north, northeast through the course of the night and by dawn Saturday, while daylight will be slow to brighten the heavy, overcast and saturated skies, it will be messy out there for all of you and as well as wet it will also be very windy with gales along the Channel and North Sea coasts. Greatest area of concern for flooding will be across the Southwest and across parts of Yorkshire where here an Amber warning is in effect.

Into Saturday afternoon and the South should start to see the rain clear and behind the warm front, temperatures may rise locally towards 14C with a brisk, mild southwest flow.

Sunday looks somewhat drier for most but it will remain heavily overcast. Despite the cloud, temperatures will rise to an unseasonably mild 13 or 14C thanks to a strong southwest flow. More rain arrives Sunday night into Christmas Eve.


It’s been a much better day than on Thursday across Wales but make the most of that brief respite because yet more very heavy and persistent rain is on the way for tonight. You’ll want to have that brolly handy if your heading out first thing in the morning. As well as the heavy rain which is likely to produce localised flooding, winds will be strong out of the southeast once again.

Through Saturday afternoon the rains should clear northeast leaving a drier end to your day. Highs tomorrow will be very mild for all with 7C in the North, 13C, maybe 14C along the South coast.

Sunday will be drier with more mild air courtesy of a southwest flow but that same southwesterly will introduce yet more wet and windy weather for Christmas Eve.

Northern Ireland

A very wet and windy overnight to come throughout Ulster and this sets the stage for a dismal Saturday and for many, last minute Christmas shopping day. Mind and have your brolly handy if heading out early tomorrow morning, although, if your bedroom window faces the south, southeast then your likely to hear the rain batter off your window overnight and before you get up in the morning.

The heaviest of the rain looks to clear much of the country by noon Saturday and with the rain comes strong winds with possible gale-force gusts along the coast.

A drier Saturday night and Sunday but yet more wet and windy weather returns for Christmas Eve.


If your heading out on the roads later tonight, expect a wet and windy one as the next system comes acalling, this next front will spread a band of rain quickly northeastwards across Ireland over the next 12 hours and likely clearing much of the country by mid morning on Saturday. If heading to the shops, you’ll likely need to brolly early but when heading home, those rains may well have cleared but showers may follow the main rain band. Winds will be fresh to strong out of the southeast with gales possible along the east coast.. Highs will be mild at 8-12C.

Sunday will be a drier day but by Christmas Eve, yet more wind and rain returns.

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