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After a largely dry but cloudy day, the much awaited heavy rains have now arrived and are pushing up through the Central Lowlands making for a poor evening commute. The rain will be a noteworthy feature for much of the next 24 hours so no surprise that there is an AMBER warning out by the Met Office due to the persistency of this heavy rain which will lead to local flooding and poor driving conditions.

It’s not just rain but heavy snow too and driven in by a strong to gale-force southeast wind, while it will be nasty at low levels, the highest routes over Scotland may see several inches of snow and likely blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow. Lows tonight 2-5C.

A wet, windy and cold feeling day Thursday with heavy rain continuing. Highs 4-7C.

If driving, be careful, take your time and please use headlights, it’s amazing how many fail to use them when visibility is poor.

Friday will see more rain, especially in the northeast while we should see somewhat drier conditions in the southwest. Expect further wind and rain this weekend.

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After a wet old day for the southwest and west, tonight will see all areas get in on the rain if you were lucky enough to avoid it. If you live in East Anglia, it remains dry up till now but make the most of that, it will change for you too. While pulse number one dwindles as it pushes east, a secondary, heavier and more energetic pulse of heavy rain will sweep up from the southwest late this evening first entering Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and this will spread out and envolop the whole of England overnight setting the stage for a very wet day Thursday.

Watch for poor visibility, surface water and nasty spray on all roads. Winds will make conditions even worse.

SNOW will be a feature over the tops of the North Pennines/North York Moors but this should stay above Trans-Pennine routes. Wind and rain should be the issue on such routes as the A66 although don’t be surprised to see sleet, perhaps some wet, wind driven snow in the heavier bursts overnight.

So, a very wet and blustery night will lead into a thoroughly wet and windy Thursday for all. A dismal day to be out and about. If driving, be careful, take your time and please use headlights, it’s amazing how many fail to use them when visibility is poor.

Friday looks somewhat drier but more wind and rain arrives by the weekend.


A very wet and windy night to come across Wales after a day which has featured plenty of heavy rain pulses which have been swiftly carried in on a stiff southeast wind. A much larger area of rain could produce local flooding overnight tonight with some very heavy pulses pushing into particularly southern parts of the country.

An AMBER warning has been issued by the Met Office as tomorrow will see a continuation of the heavy rain. The persistency of this heavy rain will raise concerns for flooding, it will also lead to very poor driving conditions. Please take your time, turn on your lights as surface spray and standing water will become an issue on the roads as well as the rain itself.

Finally, by Thursday evening those rains will clear away to the northeast and this will lead to a much improved day come Friday. However, make the most of it because more wet and windy weather is set to return by the weekend.

Highs will generally be in the mild 7-12C category and by night 4-7C.

Northern Ireland

After a truely dismal day across Northern Ireland, at least the first part of the night will see some drier weather but as we progress through the early hours of Thursday morning, the next wave of rain will sweep into eastern parts of the country, staying dry for the west for a further few hours.

Thursday will be another wet day but while it’s wet in the west, it shouldn’t be as bad here as today was but in the east, expect pulses of heavy rain to sweep in from the North Channel. If you live anywhere from Down, Armagh up to Antrim, watch for local flooding as a further inch or two or rain is expected over the next 24 hours.

A better day Friday but unfortunately this will be short lived as more heavy rain is expected come the weekend. Highs 7-9C, lows 4-6C.


A wet and windy day will lead to a showery and blustery overnight across the country but more heavy rain will spread in to bring another wet and breezy day on Thursday. Expect clearing later Thursday which will lead to a better day come Friday. Make the most of that drier interlude Friday because yet more wet and windy weather will sweep up from the southwest for the weekend. The weekend rain could be particularly problematic as models indicate some very heavy rain so flooding is highly likely.

It’s very mild day and night with highs of 7-12C, lows 5-8C.

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