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Another chilly night across the country with a widespread frost. Coldest parts will be where snow lies and also in sheltered areas as winds will freshen from the southeast. While air temperatures are less cold than of late, -1 or -2 coupled with a brisk wind will make it feel cold with a noticeable wind chill before the air becomes mixed and warmer air spreads up from the south.

By Friday, the rain and milder air will advance north, arriving first across Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders, eventually reaching the Central Lowlands by noon. Expect heavy snow for a time over Highland and Grampian. Watch for surface water and local flooding as rain cannot perculate into frozen soil. Also be aware of ice. The cold ground won’t melt patches of ice straight away.

Rain and hill snow will eventually cover the country with clearing later in the south. Highs up to 4-7C tomorrow and a mild night to come tomorrow night.

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Northern England will see another chilly not but not as cold night ahead with lows down to only -1 or -2C compared to -9C in South Newington and widespread -4 to -8C readings across rural parts this morning. Skies will be cloudier from the south Midlands down towards the Southwest and South where the leading edge of the big change approaches. Strengthening winds and much milder air will spread slowly north overnight but ahead of the rain, watch for dense fog over the Midlands. The warmer air riding over the cold ground will make for particularly dense fog formation.

By the end of the night and nearer dawn tomorrow, the rain and strong winds will be over the North with temperatures recovering to positive territory, maybe warming to between 6-9C by Friday afternoon. Watch for surface water and local flooding. Cold, hard ground could lead to a quicker flood problem.

The organised rain band with strong, gusty winds eventually clears most of the country by late afternoon into the evening, blustery showers are likely to follow, highs range from 7-12C.

Tomorrow night will remain above freezing everywhere.


Tonight will be cold to start with inland lows down to -3C in places but as we progresss through the overnight hours, winds continue picking up from the southeast and eventually the much anticipated band of heavy rain will sweep up from the Bristol Channel. Expect strong to gale-force winds along with the heavy, driving rains. Watch for poor driving conditions, surface water and spray and local flooding.

Temperatures will slowly recover to a between 4-9C, perhaps 10C along thesouth coast by late afternoon.

A much milder evening to come and less wet but blustery showers will push up from the southwest tomorrow night into Saturday. Lows stay above freezing for all.

Northern Ireland

Today was cool but not as cold as recent days at 3-6C. Into tonight and a quick dip should halt at 1-2C with just a slight chance of patchy frost as a breeze will be following by clouds rolling up from the south, these will eventually spread rain and stronger winds across the country into Friday morning, eventually clearing by late morning. Highs tomorrow rise to between 5-8C.


Tonight will be a wet and windy one across Ireland with gales perhaps sweeping across inland parts, severe gales may impact the south and east coast for a time. Lows will stay well above freezing tonight at between 4-6C.

An initially wet start to Friday will give way to a drier but windy and showery afternoon, highs range from 6 to 10C.

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