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After a fairly mild weekend, today has seen a much cooler day with the return of cold highs of 2-4C but at least the sun has been shinning and winds light. Clear skies, light winds and a cold air mass in place means another widespread and hard frost. Lows in towns and cities will fall to between 0 and -4C but away from the urban heat island and it could widely get below -5C. A few Highland villages such as Braemar and Aviemore may hit -10C tonight, helped by snowcovered ground.

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A bright, sunny but cold Tuesday is in store for all. Highs barely crack freezing for most and within sheltered parts, highs may hold at -2C. Any sheltered areas where the sun is slow to reach will hold onto the frost all day. If dense fog forms, your likely to hold onto freezing temperatures all day.

Tomorrow night will be another cold night with the widespread hard frost. Lows may be slightly colder than the upcoming night. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of spots hit -11 or -12C within the Highlands or Southern Uplands and even in the Central Belt, we may see a few -8 or -9C readings.

Another bright, sunny and cold day on Wednesday.


Any cloud lingering into the early evening will quickly become confined to the East Coast where some showers will run down the coast. These showers may fall as snow even to near sea level and with slight elevation, don’t surprised to see a slight covering in some places even down over East Anglia and Kent.

Much of the interior will be clear, cold and frosty with a hard frost in the North and running down to the west of the Pennines into the Midlands. Towns and cities range from near 0C in Central London to -2C in Birmingham and Manchester to -3C in Carlisle. Suburban areas will see lows down to perhaps -3 or -4C, locally colder.

Tomorrow will, for many be the coldest yet with highs struggling to hit freezing from Carlisle to Birmingham and perhaps only 2C in Central London. Lots of winter sunshine but all this sets the stage for a colder night swtill, Tuesday night into Wednesday. If dense fog forms, your likely to hold onto freezing temperatures all day.

Wednesday will be another cold day with frost liongering where the sun is slow to reach.


A beautiful and sunny winter’s day has been enjoyed throughout Wales today but you know a cold, but sunny day will lead to a clear, starry but5 very cold night to come. Lows in towns and cities will fall to between 0 and -3C but in rural parts, expect -2 to -5C, locally -7C.

Tomorrow will be a fine, dry and sunny one once again but staying cold despite the sunshine. Highs only range from 0C where fog lingers to 5-7C elsewhere. If dense fog forms, your likely to hold onto freezing temperatures all day.

Another cold, frosty one to come Tues night into Wednesday.

Northern Ireland

A bright, sunny but cold day throughout Ulster gives way to a very cold night to come with potentially the lowest reading yet. Towns and cities will hit 0 to -4C while rural parts fall to between -4 and -6C with perhaps an isolated -7C.

Tuesday will be slow to warm and by mid afternoon, expect maximum temperatures no warmer than 4C for most with perhaps a 1-2C for many with frost lingering. If dense fog forms, your likely to hold onto freezing temperatures all day.

Another cold night Tuesday into Wednesday with similar values overnight.

Wednesday will be another largely bright day but staying chilly at 4 or 5C.


A very cold night to come throughout Ireland with the coldest readings expected across the Midlands where lows may hit -5C in a few spots, elsewhere expect a widespread frost and lows of 0 to -3C.

A dry, bright but cold day for your Wednesday with highs of just 2 to 5C, slightly milder along coastal parts.

Tuesday night into Wednesday will be another clear and cold night with a few dense freezing fog patches along with a widespread frost once again, the fog patches may linger for much of the day which could hold temperatures near freezing throughout the day.

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