UK Halloween 2012 Forecast

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Tuesday night into Wednesday morning will be somewhat wet and windy as a weather system pushes through bringing a rather dreary start to Halloween. While the first half of Wednesday looks wet and windy, I am optimistic that conditions should improve through the afternoon and particularly into the evening hours. The strong winds of tonight and the early and mid part of tomorrow should ease off, so you and or your kids should have a pleasant walk around tomorrow evening.

Conditions should be a treat: Expect cloudy skies, light winds and an odd shower can’t be ruled out but all in all it should be fair with temperatures somewhat mild at around 5 to 7C.


Like Scotland, conditions will go down hill through this evening with a band of rain accompanied by a strenghening wind will push into western parts of England and this will slowly creep east, southeast throughout the day tomorrow. The question is, will that weather system clear the coast by early tomorrow evening for your kids heading out and about? For the west and central parts of England, it’s looking largely dry with just an odd shower here and there, the breeze may be still fresh out of the southwest but nothing like the strength it will be during the day. Unless your on the East Coast where rains may linger and winds will likely still be fresh, blustery.

If your in the west, you and your kids should stay dry with a small chance of an odd shower but from the Pennines on east and southeast towards London and East Anglia, well it’s here that rains may be off and on throughout tomorrow evening with a fresh SW wind.

Expect temperatures to hover between 5-8C but factor in a breeze and the kids may want to wrap up.


If you and your kids are heading out and about across Wales, well following a wet and windy morning and afternoon, while the main band of rain and strongest winds exit off to the east, showers may push in on the backside off the Irish Sea and this may bring a slight dampner to the evening proceedings. However, like many parts of the UK, I believe these showers will be hit and miss and if you do get beneath one, they should pass through fairly quickly. Winds should be fairly light, always breezier along the coast.

Temperatures should be mild at between 5-8C but factor in a light wind and it will feel cooler.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland will be the first to see the heavy rain and wind tonight, along with western Scotland but while this weather hits first, it should ease off first too and so tomorrow afternoon shouldn’t be too bad. We should see decent spells of sunshine with just an odd passing shower.

Into tomorrow night, and like all other areas, skies will be fairly cloudy and so it should be a mist and fog free evening with temperatures generally 5-8C. There should be a fairly low chance of showers.

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