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After a dull, damp, breezy and cool day, tonight will turn wetter and windier for most, particularly for western areas, it’a all thanks to a cold front that’s associated with a deep low which will pass by just to the north. Expect string southwest winds everywhere tonight with heavy rain to accompany, making it’s miserible to be out and about.

By tomorrow, this band of rain should have slowly cleared the Highlands but it may be slow to clear the Central Belt. Winds will remain fresh to strong into tomorrow evening but it should be drier. While tomorrow night may be chillier, the wind will keep the frost away by night at least.

Highs range from 6-10C by day, 1-6C by night.


Western and particularly Northwest England will be first to feel the effects of a rather vigorous cold front which will bring in a band of heavy and persistent rain through tonight along with strong to gale-force southwest winds. Across the interior and east of England, skies will be clearer and ahead of the front, winds should be fairly light. This may allow some patchy mist, fog and frost to develop in sheltered areas but by dawn tomorrow, skies will cloud over and the wind and rain will be creeping eastwards.

The heavy rains will linger across Cumbria perhaps eventually extending down to the Liverpool and Manchester areas, so local flooding is possible as it may take till mid or even late afternoon before it clears allowing drying to take place.

Interestingly, the wind and rain may not reach the east and south Midlands till late tomorrow and so a prolonged spell of wet and windy weather is likely for the west during Wednesday.

As stated, eastern and southeastern England will be dry tonight and tomorrow with the wet weather not arriving to late on Wednesday.

Highs range from 7-12C by day, 1-10C by night.


A wet and very windy night is in store for all of Wales and this will take you into Wednesday on a rather dismal note. Gales will batter the coast with 60 mph gusts while 40 mph gusts will affect inland parts. The rain should linger for a good part of the day but clearing perhaps by late afternoon. Winds will remain strong everywhere.

Highs range from 8-11C by day, 4-7C by night.

Northern Ireland

Tonight will be a very wet and windy night with local flooding possible along with wind gusts widely topping 40 mph This batch of weather should clear through tomorrow morning allowing an overall day of sunshine and heavy showers. Winds will remain fresh to strong.

Tomorrow night will be breezy but clearer so it will turn cooler. Winds however should stop the frost from settling.

Highs 7-10C, Lows 3-7C.

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