Superstorm Sandy To Bring Life-Threatening Weather To Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Today!

Courtesy of NOAA

The pressure continues to fall within the centre of Hurricane Sandy, a monster which has an official pressure measuring 946 mb but there are unofficial reports coming through of 942 mb. The power of this system and meteorological circumstances is literally unheard, so it’s impacts are very nearly unknown.

Terms such as ‘Superstorm’ or ‘Perfect Storm’ almost seem fictional or extremely overhyped, however, the combination of this monster storm system with a pressure as low as it is, slamming into another COLD low which is sliding east across the Ohio Valley towards the Northeast, could bring devastation. An expected storm surge of 10+ feet with 25 waves on top along the Jersey and Long Island Shores is likely to whipe out boardwalks, piers and severely damage properties, not to mention the onshore hurricane-force winds which may top 90-100 mph.

Rains are likely to be prolific with a widespread area of 10+ inches. This will seriously weaken tree root systems and factor in the howlling gales blowing around the NW, W side of the centre will bring countless trees down. Incredibly, hurricane-force wind gusts may be measured THROUGHOUT the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and in the mountains from West Virginia down to North Carolina, as much as 2-4 feet may bury small communities. The worst of it is that not only will this storm bring 2-4 inch per hour snow rates along with thunder and lightning but winds of 60-80 mph will bring life-threatening conditions.

The Ultimate Storm For New York City?

Double whammy storm surge…

The dangers are there in several categories. With the angle and location of the landfall, Hurricane-force winds will pile a storm surge between Sandy Hook and Brooklyn, up NY Harbour and into the Battery while an equally as high 5-10 foot surge will pile down Long Island sound, pushing into Manhattan from the NE. Where these two meet, this significantly raises the level of both the Hudson and East Rivers, ultimately flooding many parts of the city, including parts of Brooklyn and Queens as well as Manhattan. This could be the ultimate storm for New York.

Winds blowing stronger with height…

On top of that, you got winds. Wind of course excellerate between buildings and so hurricane-force winds screaming through the streets of Manhattan is highly likely but what may be worse is the fact that while 75 to 85 mph winds are possible at street level, three quarters of the way up a skyscraper and winds may be 20-30 mph stronger, therefore busting windows out, which shower down on city streets.

A flat Manhattan will flood easier…

Lets hope there is not the 10+ inches of rain fall over Manhattan, why? This will likely add to the problem as rain water will present flooding issues thanks to the very flat, manmade landscape of Manhattan, never mind the fact the both rivers and harbour may be running into city streets.



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