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A cold northwest upper flow will keep it cool throughout the week and embedded within that flow will be fronts which will bring periods of snow to hills, a cold rain at low levels. Through tonight and it’s a chilly night and following showers, especially in the east, skies clear, temperatures drop and this makes for an ice risk anywhere from Shetland, Orkney, down the eastern side of the country. Chilly in central and western areas with perhaps an early frost but an area of rain works down from the northwest, this will bring snow to the hills initially. The rain spreading in overnight and working down the western side of the country sets the scene for Tuesday with a prodominantly west-east split. A wet day in the west while it should be drier in the east where there is shelter and sunshine may appear here and there. Tomorrow night looks much the same but rains may turn heavier with a strengthening SW wind.


A largely clear, quiet night in store for England with perhaps just a few showers peppering the Cumbrian coast but all in all it’s a cool night with perhaps some mist or fog patches developing. Patchy frost is also possible.

Tomorrow will be largely fine, dry and settled day with plenty of brightness through the day. Thanks to a cool flow coming down from the northwest, this will supress temperatures from rising much at the surface, so expect no warmer than 10 or 11C.

As for tomorrow night, it’s all change as a weather system sweeps in from the west bringing a spell of heavy and persistent rain to all areas into and through Wednesday. This rain band will be accompanied by a strong southwest wind which is likely to be gale-force along the Channel coast.


Tonight will be fairly clear and calm with light breezes to be had. This will allow some mist and fog patches to form as well as allowing temperatures to fall away enough to produce a touch of rural frost in places.

Through tomorrow and a largely decent first part of the day but changes are coming from the Irish Sea come later in the afternoon with clouds and some spotty showers increasing as a front approaches. Tomorrow night and wind and rain arrives with winds touching gale-force along the south and western coasts.

Northern Ireland

This evening should be largely dry and bright for much of the country but northern counties may see some showers work in off the Atlantic overnight. For central and particularly southern areas, we may see long enough clear spells for some frost.

Tomorrow and it’s a largely dry, bright day with highs again rising to around 9 or 10C, by tomorrow night it’s all change as a batch of wet and windy weather arrives thanks to a strong low sliding west to east between Scotland and Iceland.


Cool night under mostly clear skies with a chance for mist, fog and patchy frost.

Tomorrow looks largely fine, dry and bright with just an odd passing shower. Tomorrow night will see the chance to wet and windier weather thanks to the arrival of the next weather system. Night lows dip to near 2C tonight, highs tomorrow 9-12C.

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