Hurricane Sandy Could Bring Devastation to US East Coast


Uncertainty remains with the future track and intensity of Hurricane Sandy, however, a very worrying trend is now appearing in the models and that is the consenses is now turning more and more towards a direct hit by Sandy as A HURRICANE somewhere between DC and Maine early next week. This folks is no ordinary scenario and with time, the unthinkable may become the thinkable and if that happens, this could be devastating for the Northeast. Therefore I urge ALL residents who live along the East Coast, particularly from eastern North Carolina all the way to Maine to pay very please attention to Sandy, this storm now has a greater potential of causing SIGNIFICANT and potentially LIFETHREATENING weather conditions between Sunday and next Tuesday, impacting well over 100-150 million people and could cripple the region for days if this hits like models continue to suggest.

An increasing number of models are now jumping on the ‘doomsday scenario’ the ECMWF has had on for many many days now and often when there is as much consistency as there has been, this cannot be ignored.

Think about it, take a powerful and fully fledged hurricane into the heart of the Northeast, say New Jersey, the impacts would be vast and quite frankly, frightening, covering the best part of a thousand miles. Hundreds of miles with hurricane-force winds with many places seeing winds well in excess of 90+ mph, including the Big Cities from DC to Boston, tremendous rains which could bring catastrophic flooding in itself as deep tropical moisture from this powerhouse heat engine would get driven into a near wintertime air mass, a 3-6 foot wall of water may get driven up Delaware Bay and or New York Harbour causing significant coastal flooding, perhaps causing the scenario many feared in Manhatten with Irene. Major beach erosion would occur up and down the coast and while many millions of trees may be flattened with many urban areas emtied as hurricane-force winds blow out windows on high rises, an epic snowstorm would likely occur in the mountains of southern New England, Pennsylvania all the way down to West Virgina. How much snow? 20-40+ INCHES probably. Factoring that amount of snow with hurricane-force winds, WOW.

This, right now looks to be looking more like a worst case scenario for the most heavily populated region in the country and also a region in which the weather pattern with a deep trough swinging in from the west with some very cold air, has the ability to aid Sandy in obtaining an extraordinarily low pressure right till it hits shore.

This is a unique set of circumstances which could rewrite the history books in which a powerful hurricane gets driven into a wintertime pattern over the Northeast which has TWO or more very ugly sides. One being the effects brought by a strong hurricane with the damaging winds, storm surge, flooding rains etc and the fact that there’s a lot of cold air going to get entrained into the circulation in which tropical moisture being injected into this very cold air will spark major snows with 1-3 inch per hour snow rates, lots of thunder and lightning.

Check this latest run of the ECMWF.. It takes a 949mb hurricane into the mouth of Delaware Bay!

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro


Video and more information will be available tomorrow… Stay tuned.

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  1. Michael says:

    This could get worse than the hurricane of 1991. That’s quite servere then.

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