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It’s been a largely bright day across much of Scotland with some snow showers for the North, Central Highlands as well as Grampian, those snow showers has even dusted grassy surfaces in and around Aberdeen and these showers may spread down the east coast this evening and overnight. In fact snow showers may pep up somewhat over parts of the Central Highlaands, down into the Borders area and although it should be clear elsewhere, an odd passing flurry can’t be ruled out in other places. Cold, clear with a fairly hard frost by October standards tonight. If out and about, do wrap up as even town and city tempeartyres will drop towards -1 to -3C, add in any breeze and it feel more like -6C. In rural areas expect anywhere from -3 to -6C. It will be coldest if skies remain clear and winds are light. Watch out for ice too. Tomorrow starts off fine, dry and settled by a low will spread rain in from the NW during the afternoon and this should help raise temperatures by dinner time to 7 or 8C but for much of the day, highs may struggle to hit 2 or 3C. The rains as they spread inland and will hit the cold air bring accummulating snow over hills, especially from the NW Highlands down through Lochaber, Argyll, possibly Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway. Less cold tomorrow night with wind and rain. Sunday looks rather dreary with wind and rain for most, easing later in the day.


A cold, bright end to your Friday across the bulk of England with any precipitation falling along the exposed North Sea coast, these showers spreading into East Anglia and the Southeast later this evening. Watch out tonight if you live anywhere from Northumberland down through Tyneside, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as rain showers could very well turn to snow overnight as the air cools after dark. Icy patches may also cause problems.

East Anglia, London right down to Kent could see overnight sleet or snow showers as temperatures fall to freezing and the northeast breeze pushes those showers in.

Much of inland parts of England should see a largely clear night and despite a light N, NE breeze, temperatures are heading below freezing widely with even towns and cities seeing frost and lows of 0 to -1C. Away from towns and cities and look for -1 to -4C, always coldest where winds are lightest and skies remain clear. One or two spots, particularly in the North may see -6C.

Tomorrow will be largely fine, dry and bright but cold with highs struggling to hit 6-8C. Eastern areas will continue to see showers feed in from the North Sea, possibly affecting London with sleet even during the day. Factor in the cold air and wind blowing at 5-15 mph, 20+ mph in spots with higher gusts, it will feel closer to freezing.

Tomorrow night and rain and cloud spreads in from the NW ahead of the next weather system. Less cold tomorrow night for Northern and western areas, cold be another cold, frosty one for east and south.

Sunday will be cloudier, showery with an increasing wind blowing in from the west, this should help moderate the cold somewhat but it will still feel cold.

Precip forecast tonight (Courtesy of WeatherOnline


After a dry, bright day it will quickly turn cold and frosty through the overnight into Saturday morning. Look for a widespread frost tonight with towns and cities falling towards freezing. Below in rural areas. To make it even colder, a stiff northeast breeze will add a pretty significant wind chill by October standards so if your out and about, you’ll want to add an extra layer.

Tomorrow looks to be a glorious autumn day everywhere but it will feel cold with highs struggling to 8 or 9C but factor in a NE wind and your talking a 2-4C wind chill.

Tomorrow night starts off clear and cold with an early frost developing but clouds and eventually wind and rain will spread in from the Irish Sea.

Sunday will be back to the unsettled, gloomy theme with a west wind helping raise the temperature somewhat.

Northern Ireland

It’s a glorious autumn afternoon across Ulster and this sets the scene for a cold, frosty night with towns and cities falling towards freezing, below in outlying areas. Tomorrow starts off fine, dry and sunny but cloud and eventually rain spreads in from the NW and will cover the country later in the day. Tomorrow night will be wet and windy!


It’s been a brighter but cooler day throughout the country with showers spreading down the east coast. A northeast wind combined with highs of only 7-9C made it feel distinctly wintry. Tonight will see a largely fine,l dry and settled night, setting the stage for a widespread frost. Lows range from 2 to -3C.

Tomorrow starts off fine and dry but as the day wears on, cloud and eventually rain will spread down from the NW. Sunday is looking unsettled with outbreaks of rain and a west wind.

Courtesy of Met Office

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