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The bulk of the country has be stuck beneath a thick blanket of cloud which is trapped beneath an upper level ridge. These setups at this time of year can support mild temperatures, low cloud, mist and fog for days. Classic October gloom when a stable air mass is in place. Noticed it fairly mild both day and night? If it wasn’t cloud, you’ll have likely been shrouded in mist or fog throughout the day, especially in sheltered areas making it especially gloomy. If you happened to be in the Northwest Highlands or even South Ayrshire down towards Stranraer, you may be asking, what cloudm mist or fog? Here, the warmest readings will have been experienced at between 14, 15 with a slim chance at even 16C. Under the cloud and 11-13C but this is stopping warmth to escape back to space at night and so lows are very mild. Through tonight and the cloud remains but expect clearer skies up over the Central and North Highlands as well as parts of Grampian, these areas will drop below freezing with frost quickly forming after sunset. Lows where cloud, mist and fog is present, it’s mild at 7-10C but under clear skies and 0C or lower with perhaps -4C in some Glens. Tomorrow shall be a near repeat but more of the Central and North Highlands should enjoy more sunshine than today, highs again rising towards 15C but across the Central Belt and Southern Uplands and nearer 11-13C again.

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There is very little in the way of sunshine to be had across England as of this writing and in fact I can barely find a reporting station anywhere which doesn’t show cloud, mist or fog as of 3.30pm. The cloud is thick enough to support driozzle and dampness Though this is keeping the temperature down during the day, it’s by no means cold, especially at night. The high pressure system aloft is trapping the moist air at low levels which is continuing to keep cloud extensive with little burnoff a. The moisture is adding to the mild feel to the air. This is particularly evident at night.

High are widely ranging between 12-15C and where the sun peaks through for any considerable amount of time, the temperature may well push 17 to 19C.

Through tonight and tomorrow, it’s another mild night at 9-14C, while tomorrow, beneath much of the same conditions as today temperatures once again range from 11 to 15C.


A very dull, damp, drizzly day for most of Wales with the exceptions of pergaps a few sheltered western areas which aren’t exposed to the easterly breeze. Where skies are sunnier, expect highs to push towards 16C. Through tonight and tomorrow expect much of the same with temperatures tonight only falling to around 8-12C.

Highs tomorrow will again rise to 11-13C beneath the cloud to nearer 16C in western areas.

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Northern Ireland

Well after reading all the above, it should be of no surprise that Northern Ireland will follow with the same theme of mist, fog and low cloud with patchy drizzle here and there, particularly over the hills. These conditions are keeping daytime temperatures down at between 11-14C, but still above normal for the time of year while it remains WELL above normal by night. Expect widespread lows no cooler than 10C, that’s around the average high for the time of year.

Tomorrow may see more in the way of brightness with temperatures again, like today, rising towards 13 or 14C. These are mild readings despite all the cloud thanks to the milder air mass in place. Had this same air mass been in place with sunshine and temperatures would have been much warmer.


A very dull gloomy weather map covers Ireland benwath the ridge with a lot of drizzle to be had. Little or no sunshine will manage to penetrate this thick low hanging cloud deck and so daytime temperatures will be cool but mild (if that makes sense). Had there been less cloud, given the ridge in place then tempeartures would have been several degrees warmer but despite cloudcover, it’s mild at 11-14C. Tonight, the cloud, mist and fog will keep temperatures up at 8-11C.

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