Wild Pattern: Record Heat To Be Followed By Record Cold This Week, E.Coast Hurricane Next Week?

Courtesy of WeatherBELL Models

Many computer models are suggesting a wild situation evolving this weekend with a hurricane bombing out off Cape Hattaras and may and it’s a big, may.. turn NW and hit the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast next week sometime and given the wild pattern setting up through this week and into early next with major warmth to be followed by major cold, this could be a disasterous situation. The GFS takes the potential hurricane out to sea while the Canadian and ECMWF have it hitting the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast. This would be a major story in itself but we have a more imminent and significant scenario unfolding and that is the plunge of major cold out of Western Canada into the Rockies and Plains from mid to late week into the weekend with a late August air mass running out ahead of it. Highs this weekend from the Ohio Valley to East Coast may be well into the 80sF all the way to Boston while it’s 30F below normal back behind the front over the Plains.

Here are the NCEP GFS temperature anomaly charts off WeatherBell for


Courtesy of WeatherBELL


Courtesy of WeatherBELL


Courtesy of WeatherBELL

There is certainly some wild things showing in the models and the question is, is this fairytale or a real possibility?

I showed you a couple of the above maps yesterday highlighting the significance of the pattern that’s evolving. As it stands, it looks like record heat will be proceeded by record cold. Imagine highs near 100F in Nebraska midweek and within 48-72 hours later, temperatures are stuck in the 20s much of the day with windchills in the teens. Chicago could see an 80F followed by snow with highs in the mid-30s 2-3 days later. That’s the kind of thing that can happen with this wild, setup and that’s without even looking at the East Coast scenario which btw, if we got a hurricane at sub-970 mb striking out of the SE into New Jersey, this would pile tremendous amounts of water in NY Harbour, bring major rains, hurricane-force winds and on the backside, a record breaking 1-2ft snowstorm anywhere from the Catskills to the Mtns of West Virginia. The ‘what could happen’ is facinating but it would take an incredible amount of circumstances to come together PERFECTLY in order for this to play out in my opinion. This would be a scenario noone has seen in their lifetime. It would likely to right up there with some of the great storms of history for the East Coast.

The latest run of the GFS kicks the storm out to see while the Canadian, UKMET, Japanese and probably most extreme, ECMWF brings it onshore. The ECMWF shows pressure off Hattaras dropping to 954 and it coming ashore below 970!

Lets look at the charts for next week and see what their suggesting.

ECMWF 240hr

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro

Canadian 144hr

Japanese 168hr

Courtesy of AccuWeather Pro


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