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Friday has been a largely damp, cloudy affair with off and on rain and limited brightness. This will be the theme through tonight and while temperatures by day are cool beneath all the cloud and dampness, this has the opposite effect by night, helping hold temperatures up. The clouds act like a blanket which stops the mild air at the surface from escaping back to space at night. Where rains clear and possibly the clouds do, expect mist and fog to form and perhaps localised temps down to 2-3C but generally 5-8C. An area of high pressure builds in for the weekend and tomorrow there should be pleasant and fairly sunny skies for the South and Central Belt, perhaps cloudier for the Highlands but in the sheltered east and Moray Firth coast, skies should be bright or sunny here. Sunshine and light winds should help push temperature into double digits, perhaps peaking in the Borders at around 13C. Tomorrow night will be mostly cloudy but dry with temperatures holding in the mid single figures. Sunday will be similar to Saturday with a decent dry day with a mix of sun and cloud, perhaps more in the way of sunshine across more of the country compared to Saturday. Temperatures, again relative for the time of year at 11-13C, perhaps scrapping a 14C somewhere.


After a fairly decent mid-October day with a mix of sun and cloud for cmost, expect a night of mist and fog for many inland areas. The big exception today has been for East Anglia and the Southeast including London where it has remained rather cloudy and wet all thanks to that old frontal boundary still hanging on offshore between England and the Netherlands.

Chilly tonight beneath those clear skies and with damp ground, the air will be moist. Cooling temperatures beneath clear skies and moist air means mist and fog forming fast. This feature will be the main one tonight and could form widely from the North all the way down to the Southwest. Temperatures in towns and cities widely fall to 5-7C but in the countryside, may get down to 2 or 3C with frost in spots where the fog holds off longest.

Tomorrow looks largely fine, dry and settled thanks to a bubble of high pressure building in. Mist and cloud may be slow to clear in the sheltered areas, making for a slow recovery in temperatures but into the afternoon and it will be mild with highs widely above 12 to 14C, we may see 16C in a few spots.

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After a good day Friday with decent spells of sunshine, this sets the scene for a chilly start to the night with dense fog forming, particularly in the east along the English border but during the overnight, cloud rolls in the the southwest intriducing some showers along the coast which may well extend inland by morning.

After a cloudy and for some, damp start, Saturday should be a day of improvement with sunshine appearing for the majority and just a slim chance of catching a shower. Temperatures will be similar to today at 13-15C.

Northern Ireland

After a gradual improvement through this morning for Antrim, this afternoon has been a decent day but cool at only 10-12C. With clearing skies tonight, temperatures drop and with all the damp ground, dense mist and fog may form rapidly. The clear skies may allow a patchy frost in places as lows dip near to freezing for some.

Saturday and Sunday both look laregly fine, dry and settled with temperatures rising to 12-13C. It should be comfortable with the light winds and the sun shinning.


The mostly cloudy, drizzly skies have lingered across a large part of Eire today with only northwestern parts enjoying some brightness. Tonight will see more cloud and where skies do manage to clear, expect mist and fog to quickly form. Lows tonight 4-7C.

The weekend looks fairly decent with a mix of sun and cloud, perhaps the cloudiest conditions further west near the Atlantic coast but for central and eastern areas, it should be fine, dry and mostly sunny with temperatures returning to the milder levels of 13-15C thanks to high pressure in control.

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  1. Karen says:

    Yes – thank Mark!

    Have a week’s fell running for charity in the Lakes 28th – 4th November so very keen to know what I am up against! Usually love cold and snow but on this occasion, I’m hoping against it! Just being a wimp!


  2. Karen says:

    Hi Mark,

    There seems to be a lot of hype regarding a very cold spell at the end of next week. Do you think it is going to happen and if so what part of the country do you feel it will effect?


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