California Heat, 50-70 mph Winds For Plains, Nice In East, New Jamstec Look!

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Courtesy of SF Gate

The latest storm system to barrel it’s way through the Pacific Northwest will intensify as it’s circulation winds up over the Northern Plains Wednesday-Thursday. Expect powerful north, northwest winds to crank over eastern Montana across the Dakotas Wednesday and Thursday, these may cause big rigs to blow over on west-east routes and cause minor damage to property also. The reason for these strong winds is due to the tightening pressure gradient between the strong low in the NP and the strong high building to the west. This system has good upper air support too and may produce some frisky storm’s on the eastern side of the trough.

Sizeable rains should also fall through the Ohio Valley as you can see from the QPF chart below for the next 48 hours. You can see the difference in the overall pattern across Northe America when solely looking at the QPF chart for days 1-3. Notice yet more big rains coming into the Pacific Northwest in association with the next storm system.

For folks living on the Eastern Seaboard, enjoy the ridging which will bring lots of sun and warmth too thanks to strong southwest winds which crank ahead of the eastbound trough. Though it will be a little cooler north of NYC.

Check out these temps off the NCEP GFS.

Courtesy of WeatherBELL

The 2-4 inch rains you can see across the Baja due to the approach of Hurricane Paul.

As for California, we are seeing the return of some heat with a ridge building over the Deserts. This will force a potent east wind which of course is a warming wind which can heat and dry out further and further as it crosses the multiple coastal ranges on route towards the Pacific. Don’t be surprised to see 80s and 90s all the way to the coast and not just for the usual spots such as San Diego and LA.

Here’s a graphic produced by the Eureka NWS.

Courtesy of NWS

I expect 90s to near 100 incidentally for the LA basin in coming afternoons.

Oh, and before I close I want to throw this one in for you.. Love cold winters? Get ready, looks like an exciting winter is coming, though I think the East will be below normal but Joe D’Aleo pointed out that this may be showing a little red because of an increase in snowfall. I will discuss this hopefully tomorrow.

Here’s the new Jamstec for the Dec-Feb period.

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