Next 10 Days: Trough in West, Ridge in East, Significant Cold Shot Next Week!

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The US pattern is beginning to setup more like what I envisioned Fall to be like with a more active Pacific storm train cranking and driving systems into the Pacific Northwest. Another is pushing through during late Tuesday-Wednesday and after dropping fresh snows over the high country of ID, MT, perhaps WY and CO, the system shows signs of cranking over the heart of the nation.

Watch out in the Ohio Valley on Thursday afternoon as the front from that system brings decent rains and a severe risk. Nothing significant I don’t think but nonetheless, there could be some frisky storms stretching from AR to eventually OH.

In the below chart it shows the system from the past weekend exiting the Northeast and the next storm coming into the PNW. This will bring another decent soaking to the I-5 corridor which of course isn’t a bad thing, expect 1-2 inches of rain between Seattle and Portland.

By later Tuesday, that system drives into the Rockies and likely bringing some fairly decent snows to the mountains above 5,000ft. Notice the system in the N lifting out and high pressure building in. A nice mid week period coming up for the East.

By Thursday afternoon, the storm is positioned over the Upper Midwest and winding up pretty good. The cold front is shown to light up over the Ohio Valley with some pretty warm and humidity air getting lifting northeast along and ahead of the front which should fuel some decent 1-2 inch rains, locally 3+. The Eastern Seaboard looks beautifully and mild with highs in the 60s and 70s.

By Friday the weather turns decidedly miserible for the Great Lakes. Looks like a rather cold, blustery, overcast and rainy sort of day and this will extend into the East where the few days of sunny with a southwest flow will be gone. Yet another storm barrels it’s way into the PNW, yes, we’re in that pattern now.. It’s this storm btw which will have arctic air attached to it and by early next week and really beyond, we are seeing a pattern in which the western trough will become more and more prevalent and dumps of colder, arctic origin air looks likely as we enter the later stages of the month.

With more of a western trough, an eastern ridge is favoured and I do think that we’re likely to see a pretty mild last 10 days of the month throughout much of the east.

I have skipped right through to mid next week and check this out.

That’s a heck of a cold plunge. Note the ridge back over AK and a storm system way up over NE Canada. Big western trough and eastern ridge. Watch out British Columbia all the way down to WY and CO, winter is coming bigtime next week. With this setup I am also concerned about major Ohio Valley to East Coast rains (perhaps severe weather too) as this trough will try to push east.

I shall have more later Tuesday!

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