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The first low of the week will swing a front into southern Britain tonight and while Scottish skies shall remain fairlu clear and calm for a large part of tonight, cloud and rain looks to p-ush into the South of Scotland early tomorrow morning. Frost and temps near freezing will be likely across Southern areas, especially in the sheltered spots within the Southern Uplands before the temps rise as as cloud advamces from the south. For the Central Belt on up through the Highlands it will be a chilly autumn night beneath mostly clear skies for the majority of the night and so while skies may remain clear till dawn, we’re likely to see a widespread rural frost with lows in towns and cities falling to between 2-4C and in rural spots 1 to -3C. Sheltered Highland Glens may dip to -4 or -5C.

During Tuesday while it’s a rather dismal day throughout the South and possibly extending as far north as the M8 corridor, the bulk of the Highlands will remain under mostly sunny skies and it looks to be a lovely day with crisp sunshine. Feeling cold in the rain in the South with temps between 10-12C, in the North despite sunshine 8-11C.


Tonight will see a fast moving band of heavy rain sweep up from the southwest, covering the majority of England through tonight. Winds will increase to gale force along the south coast and more or less everyone will get their share of heavy, wind driven rains tonight all thanks to a front. It will feel chilly in the wind and rain but the cloud, rain and SW flow will keep temps up between 8-10C tonight but it’s won’t FEEL particularly pleasant.

Into tomorrow morning and skies clear out from southwest to northeast as the band pushes north and east. By dawn, the band will bring heavy rains to areas from the Pennines to North Sea coast but the concern ar5ea is the North of England where the boundary slows to a crawls pace. This will present an area stretching from Macnhester across to York on northwards with a rather poor day with heavy cloud and persistent and at times heavy rain for much of the day. This will present poor driving conditions and local flooding.

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The day so far across Wales has been one of sunshine and showers with generally light winds but it’s all chance through this evening as a band of rain as well as increasing winds arrive from the southwest. It’s thanks to the next low which swings a front through.

Over the course of the first part of tonight expect countrywide rains to sweep in, accompained by increasingly strong winds which will top gale-force along the coast but everywhere will be windy.

Through the overnight, those rain exit and push off into the Midlands while clearer skies follow but the winds will keep the temperatures up but it will feel quite cold.

Through tomorrow and it should be a largely bright day with a mix of sunshine and blustery showers. Temperatures between 10-13C.

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Northern Ireland

After a fair day throughout Ulster, an area of rain will push through quite quite quickly this evening and clear out into the North Channel during the overnight. Winds will be picking up out of the SW which not only will help the rains push through fairly quickly but it also means that temperatures won’t drop as low as they did this morning. It should also help stop any extensive mist or fog like we also seen this morning.

Tomorrow looks a largely fine day overall but a mix of sunshine and patchy clouds. Those clouds present a slight chance of an odd shower here and there but all in all a largely decent autumn day. Temps tonight range from 6-8C and tomorrow, 9-12C.


Today was largely cloudy with outbreaks of rain off and on. Through tonight and rains should clear out leaving a largely dry night with clear spells developing, allowing temps to drop down into mid, perhaps low single figures out in the countryside. However a breeze out of the southwest should keep the frost away except for an odd sheltered spot perhaps.

Tomorrow looks to be a fairly decent day but during the afternoon another batch of rain spreads in with the next low so. Temps range from 9-13C.

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