Official UK & USA Winter 2012-13 Forecast Is Coming Soon!!

It’s getting near!

Over the past few months I have spent many hours in thought, research and writing to present you my ideas and more importantly, an explaination as to where I am getting my ideas from. This will be my 3rd annual winter forecast and by a long shot, it will be my most in-depth. My forecast really began back in August and if you’ve read these posts, you’ll know what this ‘official release’ will have in it and why.

All the questions I have been receiving day after day will be answered in this forecast. When will be cold and the first snows come. Will we have a white Christmas and when can we wexpect the worst. How long will the winter-like conditions last etc etc.. The package you have already receieved and digested will be summarised with highlights thrown in. If you haven’t read these ideas, please do so…


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