Photo Post – Frontal Antics!

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We all know how wet it’s been throughout the UK in past few days. It was of course all thanks to a slow moving frontal system associated with a low which crossed the country. Once the low reached the east coast, it more or less stalled and so too did the front, nudging further and further north all the while. The rain band brought significant flooding to Fife and Tayside. In the South of Scotland, Esdalemuir in Dumfries and Galloway saw 56 mm within 6 hours.

Scene in Glasgow around 5.15am.

A dismal early morning on the M8 in Glasgow (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

Scene in Dumfires around 8am

There was light frost on the cars in Dumfries but frost was a little heavier just north of town (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

With the front pushing up into the far North of Scotland, skies cleared over Southern Scotland and while I left a damp, dreary Glasgow just after 5 this morning, as I drove south on the M74, skies began to clear and so the temperature dropped off. As I came off the M74 at Moffat to join the A701 for Dumfries, the stars were out and the temperature was down to 1C just north of Dumfries. Cars were covered in frost. Quite the contrast from a rainy, 7C 75 miles to the north.

What’s interesting is when you practically exit an air mass and enter another one. i.e, Glasgow where I left was wet and gloomy and where I headed (south), it was completely different. The Central Belt remained stuck on the southern periphery of the stalled front’s influence.

Here was the skies I was greeted too this morning in Stranraer.

Glorious autumn morning in Stranraer, frontal cloud and rain way up to the north. (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

The front, after stalling, started to make a southward journey and once I left Stranraer, I faced this…

Front pushing back south! (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

That is the leading edge of the front. The very front which sweep heavy, flooding rains across the UK and was on it’s way back south. I stated on facebook that it was in a weakening state, however, the rains which it produced was anything but weakening.

I love it when you leave clear blue skies and get slammed by a wall of dark skies and once it’s pushed through, your in a different world altogether. One with heavy cloud and rain all around. The only reminder of what you were in barely 10 minutes previous was rapidly dissapearing in my rear view mirrors.

This was the scene as the front was pushing over me at Ballantrae, South Ayrshire.

Here it comes back over me (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

Here it comes back over me (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

Finally, here was the scene back in Glasgow!

Back to the dull and dreariness of Glasgow with a steady rain falling (Courtesy of Mark Vogan)

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