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Following a very wet night across the bulk of the country, the rains this afternoon have transfered north of the Central Lowlands and is now focusing on the Highlands. There is real concern for widespread flooding due to the persistency of these rains, especially across Grampian throughout tonight. A decent 1-2 inches has already fallen and another couple of easily could well fall before this band weakens. Keep in mind the rains have been falling since last night and may continue till Saturday morning. As much as 52cm fell within just 6 hours at Eskdalemuir, Dumfries and Galloway and the roads throughout the region where bad this morning. I came across a lot of flooding. Speaking of flooding, it appears Tayside and Fife where worst hit with many motorists having to get rescued when their cars got stuck in several feet of floodwaters. This afternoon, while fields remain saturated, at least the roads should begin the dry out in central and southern areas.

Tonight, the country becomes split with the rain easing somewhat across the north, perhaps clearing from Grampian early tomorrow morning while skies clear in the South and this may we allow a touch of rural frost with lows dipping to 1-3C. Elsewhere 5-8C.

Tomorrow and that stubborn frontal boundary responsible for all the rains will swing back south though at least the rains won’t be as heavy. A grey, overcast and damp day for much of the country BUT for Sunday, that front will have pushed south of the border and so more in the way of sunshine is to be had Sunday.

Looking out at early next week and it will turn cooler.


After a soaking night and early morning, especially from the Pennines on east, the bulk of the country is largely fine through this afternoon with the best of the sunshine and with less sunshine in the north from Cumbria down through the Midlands. From Birmingham on southwards, there is a greater chance of catching a shower but the mix of sun and showers can’t be sniffed at compared to yesterday. The Southwest is seeing quite a rash of heavy showers rattling in on a chilly northwest wind and it’s these showers, associated with a small front, could bring local flooding, hail and some thunder.

Through tonight and it should be largely fine, dry and fairly clear and those conditions should allow for a cool night with mist, fog and perhaps a touch of ground frost developing in places. Lows in towns and cities 5-8C, rural areas 2-4C.

Tomorrow will be another largely fine day with good spells of autumn sunshine, a touch cool at 10-14C but with light winds it shouldn’t feel too bad. There will be quite a few showers pushing east through the Channel and some of these tonight and tomorrow may clip the South Coast.

Saturday into Sunday and after another cool night beneath mostly clear skies and another largely fine day with some showers here and there.



After the foul day yesterday. while there’s a scattering of heavy showers sweeping across the country on board a stiff and chilly west wind, it’s a better day compared to yesterday. Through the remainder of today those showers will continue to whip in, some may see hail and thunder mixed in.

Tonight and tomorrow will continue on the showey theme with alwats a risk of hail and thunder but there will also be plenty of sunshine around so it’s not all bad. Saturday night into Sunday will see showers tail back towards coastal areas and for much of Wales away from the coast should see clearing skies and this brings a risk of widespread rural frost, so you may want to have that scarper handy Sunday morning if nipping out early.

Sunday looks to be the best day of the weekend with more prolonged sunny spells and less in the way of showers.

As for temperatures. 10-13C by day, by night 5-7C in towns and 2-4C in rural areas tonight, cooler tomorrow night.

Cooldown comes next week.


Northern Ireland

What a difference a day makes after yesterday widespread 1+ inch rains. Today it’s been mostly sunny with light winds and if you caught a shower this afternoon, you were fairly unlucky given how few and far between they were.

These sunny skies will gave way to dropping temperatures tonight under starry skies. Towns and cities while down to 2-3C, it will be nearer freezing or slightly below across rural areas so expect a frost by morning.

Both Saturday and Sunday is looking largely fine, dry and settled with a cold night in between.

Looking cool to start next week.


Ireland has enjoyed a largely fine, dry and sunny day with lighter winds which has made the slightly lower than normal temperatures feel not too bad. The weekend overall looks to remain largely fine and settled but be prepared for a cold night tonight and tomorrow night with even towns falling to low single figures, easily down to freezing or lower in rural areas.

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