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General Synopsis

The general synopsis as of 3.30pm today supports two areas of low pressure positioned near Iceland and another two centres positioned W,SW of the UK. Sandwiched in between is a bubble of high pressure which dominates the central North Atlantic and extends across the Northern and central UK bringing fine and settled weather. A frontal boundary seperating the lows to the W,SW and the high is continuing to bring a layer of cloud and some rain across a large part of southern Ireland, south Wales and SW and S England. All the above mentioned features should hold position for the next 36 hours before one of the two lows to the W,SW migrates NE and eventually spreads a front across Ireland and into the western side of the UK by early Thursday. This will bring and end to the fine, settled weather across the majority of the UK.


Today marks day 4 of the fine, dry and settled weather with clear cold nights and a mix of sun and cloud during the afternoon. Today has in fact stayed sunnier with less cloud buildup during the afternoon compared to yesterday and previous days. So, if skies remain clear towards sunset and with a cooler base temperature, this may support the coldest night yet. Towns and cities once again will take a run at freezing or even below with -1 to -4C widely across rural areas. The -5C recorded at Tulloch Bridge this morning may be beaten, but again, that’s if the clouds don’t bubble up late in the day or into tonight.

Tomorrow will be another fine, dry and mostly sunny day as the high holds firm for the best part of Wednesday. Highs should top similar values to today but later into the afternoon and evening,k so the high begins to break down as one of the lows to the SW begins to nudge towards the UK. Skies throughout western Scotland will begin to cloud over around sunset and during the overnight Wednesday into Thursday, rains spread in on a stiff south wind.

This sets the scene for a rather damp, dreary, windy Thursday which should feel chilly beneath the cloud, rain and stiff breeze.


The vast majority of England is beneath fair skies with a mix of autumn sunshine and cloud. The rain is mostly confined to the far Southwest and along the South Coast as far east as Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

High pressure will supply the remainder of today with plenty of autumn sunshine and once the sun goes down and the stars come out, this will lead to a distinctly autumnal chill with lots of fog forming through the Trent Valley and Vale of York. Extensive, dense fog formed last night and brought hazerdous driving conditions to the Fens in Norfolk this morning and similar conditions are likely Wednesday morning for many. The frost risk extends anywhere from East Anglia all the way to Cumbria with towns and cities falling towards 3-5C but nearer freezing in rural areas. Perhaps below from Manchester northwards just like this morning.

After the cold, foggy and for some, frosty start to Wednesday, the day should be bright with plenty of sunshine to be had. The exception with be for areas west of the Pennines as a front begins to approach. It’s very much a west-east split. Highs range from a chilly 10 to 14C, perhaps 15 or even 16C for London or East Anglia.

Into tomorrow night and that’s when things go downhill. Rains will slowly build over thre Irish Sea and eventually spread into all western areas during the late evening and overnight, this will make for a wet, cloud, cool and windy Thursday for most but rains don’t arrive till later on Thursday to areas east of the Pennines. This rain could turn heavy early Thursday and towards the morning rush.


If your in the North of the country this afternoon, you’ll be enjoying the sunshine while for folks in Mid and particularly South Wales, skies are cloudier with light rain falling along the South Coast. This set up lingers through the first part of the night but beyond midnight, the rains should push south which make way for a misty, murky, foggy night for the South but the further north you go and where the sun was shinning late this afternoon and evening, this will make way for a mostly clear but cool night with lows dropping to 5-6C in towns and nearer 2-3C in rural parts.

Tomorrow should be a mistly sunny, bright day throughout the country and with this sunshine, highs should push 13 or 14C for most.

Late tomorrow and a front will work in from the Irish Sea and Wednesday night into Thursday morning, a band of rain works in covering the whole of the country. This sets the stage for a dreary day Thursday with plenty of persistent and at times heavy rain accompained by a stiff south wind.

Northern Ireland

It’s been another beautiful autumn day across Ulster with lots of sunshine and highs near 12C for most. This sunshine gives way to yet another cool night with a widespread rural frost, however during the overnight, skies will begin to cloud over and this will make for the first day since at least Saturdat where the country won’t be as bright or sunny, however it should stay dry for the majority of Wednesday but beyond dinnertime and rains shiould begin to work in from the Atlantic.

This makes way for a wet, windy Wednesday night and early Thursday before the rains clear out into the North Channel Thursday afternoon.


It’s not a bad afternoon across the bulk of Ireland this afternoon after a fairly grey start with some light showers lingering across the south and east. Tonight, skies will clear out leaving a mix of clear and cloduy. This regime will allow for a cool, misty night with perhaps some light frost, especially across more northern areas. Fog could become dense in some shelktered low lying areas.

Through tomorrow, it should turn cloudy during the morning with rain spreading across all parts later tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. These rains associated with a front should clear east into the Irish Sea by later Thursday morning, allowing for a brighter afternoon.


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