Blizzard Gives To Clear Blue and -42C With Temp Free-fall Next 24 Hours At Summit Camp, Greenland

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Thought I would give you a quick post on how the weather’s looking up in Greenland these days. Big different in 24 hours!.

We often talk about the NAO and the Greenland block in relation to our weather but what’s the weather like up there at the moment..

Here was the conditions yesterday at Summit Camp, which is a research station in the middle of the Greenland Ice Cap.

At the time this snapshot was taken, a storm was bringing blizzard conditions to Summit Camp, the air temperature read -20C or -4F. Cold but not that cold by this region’s standards, however factor in a howlling wind and blinding blizzard and that -20C would have been pretty hellish. That storm blew through and conditions cleared overnight.

Here is what this morning brought to the camp! Wow, beautuful and COLD as a high pressure dome builds overhead! Current air temp is -42C/-44F.

The models in coming days show a trough with a cold high building in. According to the NCEP NAM, here’s what temps are to go down to by tomorrow morning. This is what a, clear, frigid air mass, over an a VAST, high elevation ice cap does to the tempearture even in early October!

No, your not reading that map wrong, it’s showing -60F (-51C) over interior Greenland by tomorrow morning!

NCEP NAM chart courtesy of WeatherBELL


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