Winter Bites US Hard & Early With 14″ of Snow Falling In Roseau Co, MN While W. Yellowstone, MT Hits 5F


It sure is getting cold across a large chunk of the Lower 48 and when looking back, years with weak El Ninos have often produced significant cold waves with record breaking snows and cold during October. This has been know to signal a severe winter ahead.

Over the past 2 days we’ve seen a substantial plunge of cold air firstly into Montana with snow falling after highs in the 80s just a couple of days earlier. The cold and snow has now only spread across the Dakotas and Minnesota but has now reached all the way down to Denver, CO with snow covering the ground. It was as warm as 83 degrees only on Wednesday.

It snowed and accummulated all the way down to Goodland, Kansas. Here’s a photo taken by Joe Moore, a fellow weather fanatic and twitter follower.

A winterlike scene from Goodland, KS this morning (Courtesy of Joe Moore)

Several towns across North Dakota reported over an inch of snow but in a corridor from Grand Forks, ND up through NW Minnesota and into southern Manitoba, NW Ontario, a heavy, wet 3-6 inches accummulated with some areas reaching 8-12 inches. The highest total I could find was an amazing 14 inches reported roughly 10 miles NW of Badger in Roseau County, Minnesota. There was a few reports of snow depths upwards of 8-12 inches.

According to iceagenow, many of the cities in eastern North Dakota and NW Minnesota which saw well over half a foot, saw their earliest snow and likely their deepest snow so early in the season even if it wasn’t the earliest recorded.

Next few nights will be coldest, may hit 0 degrees!

Following the snowfall for much of MT and the way down to parts of KS and up and across to MN, ON, skies cleared out last night as the trough and it’s leading front continued on south. It was a cold early October night fo sure. Check out these temperatures off AccuWeather pro.

While there was plenty of teens showing up across Montana, the real cold spot was West Yellowstone where the low hit just 5 degrees this morning. Tonight may approach the first 0. Incidentally this morning 5 was the coldest so far.

The chill will drive all the way down to Central Texas where 30s will shiver Panhandlers. We may see 20s as far south as Dalhart and Amarillo.

First snows whiten for Denver just two days after the high topped 83 degrees

A snow covered car in Denver this morning (Courtesy of Denver Post)

It’s hard to believe the high in Denver climbed all the way to 83 and that night, the city saw a temperature drop of 48 degrees within just 9 hours. During the overnight into this morning, snows began to when grassy surfaces, even paved surfaces around the Denver metro.

WINTER STORM WARNING: Higher elevations of Wyoming could recieve 12+ inches of snow tonight into Saturday!

Graphic courtesy of Cheyenne NWS

Snows are once again breaking out with a piece of energy on the tail of the cold front. This could bring 2-4 inches to lower elevations, 4-8 inches over the foothills and over 12-14 inches for the higher elevations of the Wyoming mountains.

Above normal temperatures today in Coastal Northeast

Since the front is back over the Great Lakes and warm air flows out of the southwest ahead of a front, temperatures rose to between 5-15 degrees above normal from DC to Maine this afternoon.

Philadelphia, PA hit 82 degrees, Atlantic City Airport, NJ 81. New York, Boston and even up into southern Maine, temperatures climbed into the mid and upper 70s.

Northeast snowfall will be elevation dependant

It will be too warm to snow at low elevation over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, however the mountains stretching from West Virginia all the way to Maine could see snow above 2,500 feet. A cold rain will be had up and down the I-95 corridor.

The setup is such that the front gets all the way down to Houston and east to the I-95 corridor of the Northeast. While temperatures will push 20-30 below normal all the way to Central Texas, a system will run the eastern flank of the trough along the cold front and it’s once it reaches the Northeast where cold air will get down in on the backside, forcing rain to changeover to snow.

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