US Cold Retreats Early Next Week But Returns Late Next Week, Cold Leaves Late Oct

The latest run of the ECMWF shows the cold air spilling into the Northeast by Sunday, Monday and with a system running up the East Coast, while it only rains in the big cities, there’s a chance of an accummulating snow over the interior mountains from WV to ME.

This cold appears to ease early next week but what’s interesting is what the model shows for mid to late next week.

Check this out…

Here’s Sunday.

Note the core of cold air over the Great Lakes but the warming taking place further west.

Here’s for Tuesday of next week.

Note the height rises in the Northeast but was interesting is what’s coming down the spine of Canada and into the Dakotas and Minnesota, this could well present another roundĀ of snow.

Here’s for next Saturday.. Long way off but interesting.

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