Strong Cold Front Brings Snow, Wind & 40°F Temp Drops Over Rockies, N. Plains

Temperatures were in the 70s and 80s yesterday over Montana and during the overnight hours, the first of two strong cold fronts swept through dropping temperatures sharply and forcing snow to break out. These snows were falling earlier in the day yesterday over British Columbia and Alberta as the cold air rished south on the back end of a storm system. Here was the scene out of Calgary yesterday morning.

Video courtesy of gurwinder5

During the overnight, the front crossed the border into Montana where temperatures plunged and winds began to howl out of the north. As the colder air begins to deepen and cover more ground, so the snows are falling to lower levels fell across Montana, Wyoming and as you can see from the above livecame image, western North Dakota! A second second front swinging through tonight will force colder air down. Expect highs today to be downright brrr, try 30s for most and factor in a stiff wind and it feels more like the 20s, teens for some.

2-3 inches of snow already on the ground in North Dakota

Jim Cantore is currently tweeting about 2-3 inch snow already on the ground across parts of North Dakota as of this writing.

Expect 1-3 inches at low levels across Montana, Wyoming and extending later down into Colorado as well as across a large swath of North Dakota. Some areas may pick up 3-6 inches with 6-12 in the mountains.

Major, crippling snow for Minnesota/Manitoba

The real deal looks to take aim at Northern Minnesota and southern Manitoba including such cities as Winnipeg, International Falls and Duluth where anywhere from 2-4 to 3-6 inches may fall widely with locally 10 inch amounts. The reason is the storm system is going to intensify over the western Great Lakes as it becomes fuelled by warmer air and the warm lake waters.

Wind will really howl on the rear of the storm and significant backside snows are likely to cause a near whiteout across the region where Canada meets the US. Roads are likely to get shut.

Denver’s currently 82° but snow flakes are soon to fly!

As for Denver, the temperature right now is 82 and it’s hard to believe that the cold is even snow is set to arrive here Friday.

More later!

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