Record Low Sea Ice In Arctic But Near Record HIGH Antarctic Sea Ice Extent!

Written by on September 28, 2012 in Rest of Europe with 1 Comment

The arctic has seen the greatest loss of sea ice on record this summer, beating the previous record minimum set back in 2007. In stark contrast and despite all the hysteria about global warming, what you’ll perhaps struggle to see in the news is the fact that the Antarctic has seen a near record extent of sea ice. The very warm AMO this year is likely to blame for this new record.

What’s facinating is the correlation between record low sea ice in the arctic and the record or near record high amount in the Antarctic. Perhaps a clear sign of earth’s climate balancing itself out naturally?

Below shows the chart and the near record extent of ice this year over the Antarctic. When looking at this, it should be of no surprise that temperatures have been persistently below normal with a near global record cold temperature for the month of September a couple of weeks back of -119F.

Chart courtesy of Cryosphere

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is a good balanced article on something the alarmist mainstream media (MSM) have been wetting their pants over.

    The thing that frustrates me most in the MSM is the misinformation making things sound worse than they are. As you have noted one notable factor in the ‘record’ minimum in the Arctic is a warm AMO along with the Arctic storm in August.

    The reason for this comment tho is the ‘record’ claim for the minimum ice extent (not just here but across the board by the MSM). Am I right in my understanding that the ‘record’ that has been broken is actually the satellite era record and as such only dates back to 1979? From other sources around the web, such as Joe Bastardi, Steven Goddard et al, there were times during the 1950’s when the north pole itself was free of ice.

    Do you know where this summer’s ice extent ranks across the last 100 + years at all? Just curious?


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