Next 8 Days Will Bring Unseasonable Chill To NA, Europe But Major Pattern Shift Coming?

Just about to shoot out the door but wanted to show you this.

Check out both North America and Europe for the next several days..

Here’s what the ECMWF has for North America through next week! Brrr

Of course what stands out is the amplification indicative of the negative NAO and the amount of early season cold coming down is thanks to not just the nagative AO but the mechanism of that NW NA┬áridge that’s pumping the heat up into the arctic is what’s displacing the vortex and forcing it south. It’s really this more than the Greenland block.

Although there is some storminess coming to the UK between Thursday-Sunday, next week shows this… Brrr.

Notice the depth and coverage of that trough dropping down after those lows clear out this weekend. Personally I think next week could be cooler than this week with a greater chance at seeing highs struggling to hit 10-12C UK-wide with nights dropping close to or below freezing for most, even in towns and cities. Colder in countryside.

The Upper Midwest could see ACCUMMULATING snow as that north winds drags increasingly colder out out of Canada. Highs in the 40s for MN, WI, UP MI and lows well into the 20s, teens in north late this week and weekend.

Interestingly, models are hinting at a major flattening out of the overall hemispheric pattern into the early part of October and this could fall in line with my fall ideas. Remember I have a warm, wet UK, NW Europe fall this year with back and forth cold shots following the passing of lows.

If the NAO/AO flips, this would allow the cold a chance to start intensifying.

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