An Early Frost or Freeze Is One Thing (Midwest US), But Snow?

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The current wild up and down setup is about to get wilder as a push of colder air is set to drop into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Friday into Saturday. The classic 540 height line which often indicates the rain-snow line will push far enough south and with precip associated with a storm system will present the real possibility for snow to fall and accummulate during the ‘cooler overnight hours’ of Friday into Saturday.

Where exactly could this snow fall and stick exactly? Take a look at the above GFS chart for 6-hour snow accummulations valid through Monday. Coating to an inch is possible all the way south to perhaps within 50 miles of of the Twin Cities and upwards of 1-2 inches may fall over the Arrowhead of Minnesota and North Woods of Wisconsin. The UP and northern LP of Michigan may get a covering also.

Frost & Freeze Threat Extends All To Way To Missouri Friday Night

As well as a snow threat for the Upper Midwest from Minnesota to Michigan, the secondary push of even colder air will drive the frost and freeze threat deep into the Midwest with potential for frost and even a freeze all the way to northern sections of Missouri by late week into the weekend.

Lows could widely dip into the low 20s for northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, mid 20s for central and southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, UP of Michigan, extending into Iowa and northern Illinois while the freezing line extends potentially beyond the IA-MO border.

Here’s the ECMWF upper chart and 850s for Sunday.

Here’s what the GFS is expecting for lows Sunday morning!

Sunday morning’s lows off the GFS (Chart courtesy of AccuWeather Pro)


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