A Cold Shot Is Coming To Great Lakes, Midwest Next Week, Big Rain Potential Along East Coast

Written by on September 13, 2012 in North and South America, United States of America with 0 Comments

A trough trough with some very cold air by September standards is set to drop out of Central Canada next week and this appears to have the potential to end the growing season for many from the Canadian border of Minnesota-Michigan all the way down towards central Missouri. Widespread lows mid next week could be well into the 30s and I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see it try to snow over the Great Lakes with some light accummulations in places, yes it could be that cold.

Here’s the latest ECMWF charts.

Note the blues and just how cold that air is heading southbound within that deepening trough. Heck out a cold for only mid-Sept.

Here’s for next Wednesday!

For Friday!

Notice while the trough deepens, so the cold continues building in the north and with that opened door to the south, it spills south through central Canada. This could be a record Sept cold spell coming to parts of Manitoba and Ontario.

For Saturday!

Even colder air flows south by next weekend.

With this deep trough will come increase risk of flooding rains up the Eastern Seaboard with warm, humidity and a strong cold front running up the spine of the Appalachains.

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