100s Return To S. Plains, Next Trough Comes Down From Canada Late Week, Much Cooler By Weekend!

While the Southern Plains are back in the oven following a long, hot, dry summer, thankfully we’re now into September and officially meteorological fall. That of course means any heat from now on will come and go quickly with shortening days and lengthening nights. High pressure systems begin to weaken and soon they will begin start migration southwards with the sun.

The next few days will bring more 100s to southern Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas but a fairly substantial trough will begin dropping out of Central Canada and thus heights drop off sharply starting with the Northerm, then Southern Plains as the week progresses. The cold front makes it’s presence felt over the Dakotas by Thursday, then through the Great Lakes and Midwest by late week into this weekend, eventually reaching the East Coast next week but warmth and humidity will hold on with high pressure offshore, pumping warmth and humitiy up from the South ahead of the front approaching from the Ohio Valley.

Daytime highs may struggle to get out of the 50s over parts of the Northern Plains on Thursday, and over the Great Lakes, Lower Midwest by Friday and or this weekend. Thanks to dry air, nights fall widely into the 40s with pockets of frosty 30s.

By Sunday, the ECMWF has a rather impressive cut off low centred over the Ohio and Tennessee Valley which could bring an unusually chilly, rainy weekend from Michigan to Alabama.


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