Much of UK Stays Fairly Quiet, High Elev Snows In Alps, Big Rains Over Italy, Med & N Africa (Includes Video!)

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With the exceptions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and perhaps northern England where the next batch of weather has moved in, further south, thanks to building heights and warmth from the Azores, it’s a generally decent day with plenty of warm, hazy sunshine to be had. This decent weather marks a trend to better weather overall in 7-10 day period. Any unsettled weather will be mostly restricted to more northern areas where passing lows are closest and fronts can sweep in.

Messy weather over South-central Europe with high elevation snows in Alps

A large cut off low spinning down over the Alps, Italy and the central Mediteranean is bringing a lot of rain across the Alpine region with even high elevation snowfall which persisted for much of the day over the German and Austrian Alps according to a BBC tweet. Italy out over the central Med waters will see some big rains and these will extend even down along the North African coast with strong winds to accompany this. Notice the next front and rain band sweeping into the UK with the next system.

Today’s precip forecast off GFS (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)

Next weathermaker departs Newfoundland today!

Once the next batch of weather pushes in and out of the UK  later today in the north and tomorrow in the south, strong heights will extend north over the UK for a 36 hour period. Our next weather maker departs Newfoundland today and will have a speedy journey across the North Atlantic. By later Monday through Tuesday, it’s cold front will sweep wind and rain across the UK. This system intensifies like most as it gets between Greenland and Iceland as it taps and gets energy off much colder, arctic air. With this larger thermal contrast between arctic and subtropical air, the GFS has pressures go from 995 over Newfoundland today to 975 west of Iceland.

Here’s today’s surface pressure over N Atlantic according to GFS. note the low over Newfoundland. That will bring us the next batch of wind and rain later Monday, Tuesday but in between we have an improving picture tomorrow in the north, Monday in the south.

Today’s pressure chart (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)

Tomorrow’s pressure chart. Note the Newfoundland low well out into the N Atlantic, high pressure builds briefly north over UK (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)

Much of Monday is looking good for the UK but as you can see from the below surface and pressure charts, the next batch of weather sweeps into the Northwestern UK and will dive southeast Monday night through Tuesday as the cold front crosses. The core of the low will be well to the north.


Pressure chart for early Tuesday shows heights collapse as next cold front swings into UK (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)


GFS Precip forecast for early Tuesday (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)

High pressure builds north by Wednesday, chance of low 70s all the way to Glasgow-Edinburgh corridor

Once the front clears through Tuesday and the low heads for northern Scandinavia, heights rebound over the UK and this sets the scene for a drier, brighter and warmer Tuesday through Thursday period for ALL areas of the UK with Thursday likely being the best day for all but even by Wednesday, while highs should push the mid-20s C across the Midlands and South of England, we should see one or two days with low 70s all the way up to the central Highlands.

Wednesday’s GFS pressure forecast (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)

Thursday’s GFS pressure chart (Courtesy of MeteoGroup)

Friday could be very warm and sunny for ALL areas of the UK

Here’s the upper chart off the ECMWF for Thursday and Friday!

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