UK Becomes Split Between Warm & Settled In South, Cool, Unsettled In North Through Weekend (Includes Video)

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GFS precip, surface pressure chart shows low pushes northeast tomorrow allowing more settled conditions to move in but always remaining more unsettled across the north (Courtesy of WeatherOnline)

Unfortunately I have nothing particularly positive to say about our forthcoming 5-7 day period as we are firmly in the firing line of a strong and zonal jet stream which will continue to throw low pressure our way for the forseeable future. However things are going to settle down somewhat over the southern half of Britain from tomorrow through at least Saturday as high pressure will build in from the southwest but for the North, well the jet and low pressure train will continue to rule the show bringing unsettled and cooler weather to Scotland, Northern Ireland and this extends into northern England. It’s looking like this for the foreseeable future.

Interestingly, the whole of Europe has cooled and turned much more unsettled thanks to the flattening out of the jet. Gone is the amplification in the pattern which has allowed the intense heat to surge up from Africa and now it’s Atlantic air which rules all the way east to Moscow where it’s been a hot summer.

Scotland enjoys a brief lull from wind, rain and chill Thursday but it returns by Friday and lasts into next week

GFS precip, surface pressure chart shows next low spreadubg rain across Scotland during Friday while it remains more settled, sunny and warmer in the South (Courtesy of WeatherOnline)

Tomorrow will be a better day across the North with an all too brief 24 hour period of much more settled weather following the gales and heavy rain which have hit the far north and northern islaes particularly hard of late. However today’s low pushing out into the North Sea and winds veering northwesterly during tomorrow, it’s not going to feel particularly summery along the north coast of Northern Ireland and Scotland and there may even be a hint of autumn with highs of only 14C. At least it will be drier and sunnier!

As for the South, well high pressure builds in tomorrow but showers, some of which heavy and thundery will linger across eastern areas of England but will die out as we progress through Thursday.

This high will build by Friday and this sets the scene through the weekend with strong enough heights in the South to support sunshine and temperatures in the low 20s to the lower heights and in jet keeping things moving (cool, wet and windy) in the North. We will see a north-south divide through this weekend and this looks to extend into early next week.

While Friday may start off fine, dry and settled, things will go downhill into the PM hours of Friday with rain and winds picking up from the west across Northern Ireland and Scotland while from Manchester down to Brighton it should be much better.

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