Pressure Keeps Falling As Isaac Comes Ashore! 106 mph Gusts On Oil Platforms, 8 Foot Surge in LA (INCLUDES VIDEO)

Courtesy of NOAA

It would appear from the latest satellite presentation that Isaac’s eye is trying to become better organised right at the point it looks s as though it’s coming ashore on the southeastern tip of Louisiana. The warm, marshy terrain down here would suggest little weakening for some time yet and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a continuation in pressure fall with perhaps another 5 mph added to the max winds.

Check out this very latest visible satellite image below. The eye, although filled in is looking as good as it’s ever done and it also looks as though it is now crossing the coast.

Oil platsforms which rise 20 stories above the Gulf have reported wind gusts of 90 and 106 mph and the worry is that as pressures keep falling, could those kinds of gusts begin transfering down towards the surface as the eye reaches shore and your get all sorts of frictional effects.

The slow movement suggests a long lived period of torrential rains and tropical storm to hurricane force winds along the SE coast of Louisiana and up into New Orleans as well as along the Mississippi and Alabama coasts. This will be a long night with surge continuing to rise as the eye comes ashore and continues to pile the water up against the shore.

Be aware of rains as they will come down in heavier bursts within bands. Anywhere within those heavier bands may see 1-3 inches per hour and over the course of the next 18 to 36 hours, many will see over 10 inches with some topping 16-24 inches.

Current reports suggest an 8 foot surge has reached the LA coast, 7 in MS and 3 as far east as Pensacola, FL.

Intense bands will also continue to sweep onshore for the next solid 12+ hours bringing enhanced winds initially to tropical storm force and eventually hurricane force. Surge heights are likely to top 12 or 13 feet before the eye gets far enough inland that the abnormally water levels start to fall.

I am hitting the road now but you can keep following my updates via theĀ ‘Hurricane Isaac Latest’ tab at the top right of the homepage and stay tuned with the LIVE TWITTER FEED.

Courtesy of NOAA

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