Impressive Heat Covers Northern US, Extending Towards Chicago While Isaac Pushes Big Rains North Next 3-5 Days

While Isaac relentlessly pounds the Gulf Coast and is now ever so slowly creeping north, spreading vast amounts of rain with it up across Louisiana and Mississippi, the heat is on across the Northern Plains where temperatures are climbing into the mid-100s across the Dakotas this afternoon. A strong upper high is supporting these warm numbers but with the help of a strong trough swinging into the Pacific Northwest and Isaac working north, this is forcing the hot air over the North Rockies and with the help of downsloping, temperatures may push 110 in the western Dakotas today. The past couple of days has been impressive and today will be the most impressive before th heat gets kicked east as the trough lowers heights over eastern Mont and the Dakotas tomorrow onwards.

Check out these current temperatures.

Upper 90s for Chicago on Thursday?

While you may have thought such cities as Chicago was done with the truely hot stuff, well we may see a 97 tomorrow following the coolest spell, compared to normal in the city in an incredible 11 months. This on the heels of a scorching summer. Had it not been for a very cool August overall, then Chicago likely would have rivalled their hottest summer on record.

Check out this ECMWF upper chart for Friday. Notice the heat gets pushes east, not so much by the PNW trough digging in but the remnants of Isaac pushing north. The thing is that with Isaac, any heat that does push into Chicago will be short lived and we could see several inches of rain towards the weekend.

Big soaking for Midwest from Isaac

Over the next 5 days we are going to see some mighty rains across the nations heartland as Isaac pushes a heck of a lot of deep tropical moisture northwards up through Arkansas, Missouri into Illinois and across the Ohio Valley. Upwards of 25 inches is likely across the hardest hit areas of Louisiana but further north, in the areas which seriously need the rain, they may get a little too much too quick believe it or not. That seems to be the way nature works, no half measures.

Here’s how much rain the QPF is putting out for the next 48 hours.

And for the next 1-3 days

And even all the way out to Saturday!

What’s interesting is that we could find Isaac making headlines all the way up to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio by this weekend, long after pushing onto the Louisiana coast. These massive heat engines which contain astonishing amounts of rain don’t just dissappear, they take a long time to decay as as this vast amount of moisture from the tropics sweps up into the Midwest, meeting a frontal boundary, we may see 10-15 inches of rain over parts of Missouri, Illinois across to Ohio over the next 5 days which may cause major flooding. Yes, Isaac may become well known in the Midwest as well as the over the Gulf Coast.

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