Hurricane Isaac Produces 90 mph Gusts On Offshore Oil Platforms, 2 foot Surge In MS So Far

Courtesy of NOAA

Well interestingly, Isaac above all places to get it’s true act together is as it’s coming shore along the Louisiana coast. It’s officially an 80 mph Category 1 Hurricane but recent dropsonde measurements have confirmed the system is intensifying with pressures down to 971mb and may in fact continue falling before the center comes onshore to the southwest of New Orleans perhaps around midnight tonight.

As you can see from the aboce visible satellite image, the system is looking much healthier and it has produced near hurricane-force gusts along the southernmost edges of Louisiana. What’s more interesting is that it’s been producing gusts at the 20 story level on top of an offshire oil platform of 90 mph!

While 2 foot storm surges sweeps along along the Mississippi coast, further south and west, there’s been a report of a 7 foot surge on Shell Beach, Louisiana and that is likely a sign of things to come up north up into the Mississippi Delta and along the Mississippi and Alabama coasts where roads are already covering by the Gulf of Mexico.

More to come within next 30 mins..

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