Isaac Is Likely Already A Hurricane With Pressure Down To 981mb, Eye Trying To Form

Courtesy of TWC

For days now, Isaac has been fighting either shear, dry air or both. All day, there has been slow improvement in the system’s overall appearance with a better and better core showing. Pressure has been slowly falling and is now down to 981mb but official winds remain at 70 mph. This will be upgraded by the NHC anytime since pressure is certainly low enough to support a hurricane.

Dry air continues to cause issues on the storm’s eastern side, choking off convection but with this circulation starting to bundle and that is no easy feat when you’ve got a system this size and you get rid of the dry air streaming up from the south, southwest, then you may find Isaac undergoing a growth spurt over a 12 hour period which gets this thing to Cat 2 intensity as it moves onshore tomorrow evening along the southeast Louisiana coast.

Another update will be up shortly!

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